Making Online Marketing Budgets

Making Online Marketing Budgets
Successful online campaigns can mean more sales and better brand building. However, the vast information online complicates how brands can access clients and a clear strategy for marketing should always be put in place before any money is spent on a campaign. Read more

What Is SEO?

What is SEO?
Search engine Optimization or SEO involves using strategies to influence the visibility of a website on search engine result pages. Since it requires the use of certain SEO practices, Read more

The Importance Of Keyword Research

The importance of keyword research
Performing a keyword search correctly increases the chance of ranking well on the various internet search engines when users conduct searches starting with the specific keywords that you choose and optimize on your website. Read more

Email Marketing Essentials

Not all email content achieves the sender’s objectives. Some end up annoying the reader and being marked as spam. Good email content results in an exchange between the sender and their recipients. Read more

How To Become A Certified Webmaster

How to become a certified webmaster

Web 2.0 technologies are developed to ensure that learners have an easy time grasping website building tools. However, in case you want to handle major websites as a webmaster or as a developer, Read more

What is A Webmaster?

What is a Webmaster?
A webmaster also goes by the name web developer or site author, website administrator or web architect.
A web architect or webmaster is responsible for the planning and implementation of websites Read more

How To Get Free Traffic By Submitting Your Website To Directories

How to Get Free Traffic by Submitting Your Website to Directories
One way to get more traffic, and to let your target audience know that you exist, is to submit your site to directories. Unlike search-engines, in order to appear in directories on the web you usually have to create a profile entry Read more

3 Most Important Design Features For A Custom E-commerce Store

More Important Design Features for a Custom E-commerce Store
Design features unique to eCommerce websites reveal the refined  knowledge collected from years of practice in the industry and from research and experience borrowed from major successes such as eBay, Amazon and more. Read more

How To Submit Your Website To Directories

How to Submit Your Website to Directories
Web directories act like a huge reference library for the internet. These directories consist of broad and narrow subjects arranged by topics of interest. In order for such web directories to quickly approve and accept a new site, they lay down specific policies on how webmasters should submit their links to the directories. Read more

Step-by-Step Guide On How To Get More People To Visit Your Blog

How to Get More People to Visit Your Blog
Web sites that have successfully increased traffic consistently to their websites have used proven techniques built-in from the start to get there. In case the website is already up, then the key lies in creating compelling content that can be shared, Read more

Steps To Becoming A Webmaster

A webmaster is a professional who creates websites and promotes them on the internet.There are many available tools that enable people to set up websites without the need to have some intricate knowledge in web technologies. Read more

Why Is A Custom E-commerce Store The Best Solution For Your Business?

A lot of entrepreneurs are looking for ways to achieve success for their businesses online. There are a lot of options to choose from. However, making decisions on the best paths to take remains a great challenge. Read more

Why Use A Professional Webmaster

Why Use a Professional Webmaster
Webmasters are important figures in any company.  The content and management of a company website represent the image of any company. Therefore it is important to have a qualified Webmaster to look after a business website. Read more

The Benefits Of Custom E-Commerce Solutions

The Benefits of Custom E-Commerce Solutions
Ecommerce is important for businesses that want to expand their market reach, streamline the way clients and the employees interact, provide flexibility in terms of service times and to increase revenue streams. Read more

Top 10 Things To Do On Facebook To Increase Your Fan Base

Increase Your Facebook Fan Base
Every business would love to have a million followers on Facebook who convert. In reality, only a few businesses could be able to handle such conversions. So as your business looks for clients online, Read more

Top 10 Things To Do To Succeed On YouTube

Increase Your Youtube Subscribers
YouTube is the most popular video sharing social network.  Every month, 800 million unique viewers watch YouTube, with 75% of these coming outside the US. It is also a surprising statistic that only 30% of videos attract 99% of the viewers on YouTube. Read more

Top 10 Things To Do On LinkedIn To Get More Business

Get More Business on LinkedIn
LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network operating in over 200 countries or territories. In case your business is looking for a link or connection to professionals all over the world LinkedIn is your first stop. Read more

Top 10 Things To Do To Succeed On Pinterest

how to Succeed on Pinterest
Pinterest is the fastest site to get to the 10 million mark in social media history. It may be new, but unprecedented growth has already been observed. Read more

Website Webmaster: The Key Behind The Success Of Every Site?

Professional Webmaster
In every success story there is a hero. For most successful websites this is usually the webmaster. Professional webmasters evaluate, correct, improve, expand, develop, maintain, market, and promote websites effectively. Read more

Webmaster Role In Site Marketing And Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

WebMaster  in Site Marketing and SEO
Driving traffic to a site is one of the key roles of a webmaster. Webmasters should initiate the success of the website rankings on search engines as well as the website’s presence on social media. Read more

The Importance Of Having A Custom ECommerce Store

Importance of Having a Custom eCommerce Store
Every business has unique needs, but all businesses are looking for growth. In today’s online marketplace where many companies are competing with tens of thousands of others in the same market niche. Read more

Simple SEO Marketing Checklist For Newbies

Simple SEO Marketing Checklist for Newbies
When optimizing your website for search engines, it is wonderful if you can just follow a step-by-step guide as a newbie. How do you build a web page that gives the best results through SEO Marketing? Read more

What Is Copywriting?

What is Copywriting?
Copywriting refers to the act of writing text intended for the purpose of marketing or advertising a product, service, entity, idea or even opinion. The aim of the written text is to draw the audience to buy into an idea or opinion or to buy a product or service that the written copy is pitching for. Read more

SEO Consultant Quick Checklist

SEO Consultant Quick Checklist
There are some basic services that an SEO consultant should provide to their clients. Sometimes these services are unknown and go unmentioned in SEO consultant agreements. It is vital that you are aware of the bare minimum due to your business when you contract an SEO consultant. Below is a checklist to help you select the best. Read more

What SEO Services Should I Be Looking For?

What SEO Services Should I Be Looking For?
As you set up your business online, it is important that you know the services you should expect from an SEO expert, whether outsourced or in-house. Here are some tips on how you can leverage SEO services to get the best page rankings in your field. Read more

The SEO Services Checklist That Helps You Avoid Search Engine Problems

Avoid Search Engine Problems
When you finish optimizing your website, it should be a search engine’s best friend. Now that SEO services are becoming a well practiced science, we share with you what the best brains behind SEO are doing to beat the competition and stay search engine friendly. Read more

What is SEO Copywriting?

What is SEO copywriting?
SEO copy writing takes the copywriter for web content to a higher level. Not only does it refer to the act of creating text that persuades and captures the reader with an attempt to influence them to buy into an idea or to buy a product, Read more

How is Web Copy Writing Different from Print Copy Writing?

Difference between Web and Copy Writing
Writing web copy is slightly different from print copy writing because apart from writing compelling copy to capture the reader’s interest, you also write copy that is aimed at ranking well in search engine results for particular keywords. Read more

What Makes For Good Content For Your Website And In Copywriting?

What Makes for Good Content?

Apart from on-page SEO, there are some shared features that all top sites on search engine results possess. That’s what we hope to share with you in this article. Maybe you have been persuaded that SEO is extremely important. Read more

The Benefits Of Getting A Professional To Write Content For Your Website

The Benefits of Getting a Professional to Write Content for Your Website
Frequently updated content makes search engines happy. So it is a good idea to have high quality content available for you to share with the online social community and search engines. Read more

Looking for a SEO Company? Heres an Affordable SEO Checklist You Can Use

Tips for looking for a SEO Company
Looking for an affordable SEO company is a daunting task for many. Not only is the internet teaming with rogue SEO companies but the easiest way for them to lure innocent clients is for them to offer cheap services. Read more

What Are The Features I Should Look For in Affordable SEO?

Features to look for in an SEO
The cost of an SEO campaign boils down to the type of services that the consultant is offering and the frequency that the services will be provided e.g. monthly. As a business owner, Read more

Benefits of Using a Professional Webmaster

Benefits of a professional webmaster
How significant it is for your webmaster to be professional? This is a question that should be answered first for you to be able to answer the question “Why use a professional webmaster?”. Read more

Important Design Features for a Custom e-Commerce Store

Important Design Features for a Custom e-Commerce Store
Arguably the most important goal of an ecommerce store is to attract website visitors and increase what is called the conversion rate; the ratio of visitors viewing your content to those who take an action such as purchasing a product Read more

Finding a Fitting Creative Agency for Your Business

Finding a Fitting Creative Agency
A creative agency can bring with it much needed flair when it comes to advertising. Otherwise, with bland advertising that does not resonate with your clients, the competition will soon leave you behind. Read more

DivisionX Systems Upgrade: Phase 1

DivisionX Systems Upgrade
We are upgrading our hosting infrastructure to increase the reliability of our systems and to provide more resources to our customers at the same price. In parallel with these efforts we are upgrading our software systems Read more

Benefits Of Hiring A Good Marketing And Design Company

Benefits of Hiring a Good Marketing and Design Company
Recent trends show that marketing and design are interrelated aspects of website design and that both can be used effectively to grow your business online. Various professional marketers argue that website design can incorporate Read more

Common Custom Website Design Pitfalls And How To Avoid Them

Website Design Pitfalls
It is important to hire the right talent for your custom website design. Not only do you get noticed, but your presence online is more meaningful for your bottom-line. Read more

The Top Five Benefits Of Hiring A Custom Blog Designer

Hiring a Custom Blog Designer
A well designed website will mean more conversions for your business, more sales leads and consequently faster growth for your business. However, it all begins with the aesthetics and functionality Read more

Effectively Managing Internet Marketing Teams

Internet Marketing Teams
Some companies have an in-house online marketing team, led by an experienced digital marketer. However, with the dynamics involved in keeping such a team, many companies prefer hiring creative talent beyond their walls. Read more

How To Hire A Custom Blog Designer

How to hire the Right Blog designer
It is usually easy to get a blog up and running. All the tools are available and you can also get online help if you get stuck. However, it is even better when your blog produces the required results within a short time Read more

The Benefits of Using a Creative Agency for Your Business

Benefits of Hiring Creative Teams
There are people out there with the necessary talent to tell your brand’s story in such a way that more clients will look your way and buy. That is the simplest way to explain what a creative agency’s job is. Read more

Marketing and Design Company Best Practises

Marketing and Design company best practise
First impressions matter because they last. Having an idea of what marketing and design companies use to determine the best designs may yet be a good place to start in ensuring that the team you hire to create and manage Read more

How To Get Free Traffic By Submitting Your Website To Directories

Submitting Your Website to Directories
No matter what type of website you have created, whether it is a custom e-commerce store or a blog – chances are you did not create the website to have it sit there and do nothing. One way to get more traffic, Read more

What is a Webmaster?

What is a Webmaster?
They say that behind every successful man there is a woman. Well, behind every successful website there is a webmaster. These are the people who maintain and control the running of websites performing essential roles such as ensuring hardware and software are working properly and generating content and revisions. Read more

10 Tips for Online Marketing using Pay per Click

10  tips for PPC marketing
The time and money it takes to run a PPC campaign can be overwhelming for some brands. Hence getting a good return on investment is usually pursued by many PPC managers to justify their commitment to online advertising. Read more

10 SEO Tips To Get You Started

10 SEO tips to get you started
Search Engine Optimization (SEO), continues to produce consistently good results for many websites. These websites can get consistent traffic if their Search Engine Optimization plans are in line with search engine best practice Read more

Top 10 email marketing tips

Top 10 email marketing tips
Email marketing makes it easy for brands and business to reach their audience without spending much money. However, the challenge remains acquiring the email addresses of prospective clients and sending them emails without spamming. Read more

The importance of Backlinks in SEO

Importance of Backlinks
Backlinks are also known as incoming links or inward links and form an important aspect of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The number of backlinks terminating at a website usually indicates the popularity or importance of that website to search engines. Read more

Using Inbound Marketing For More Traffic

Inbound Marketing
Instead of interrupting your clients lives with old school advertising such as TV, print and radio, inbound marketing takes a different approach. The marketers create intriguing and thoughtful content and places Read more

Creating an Online Marketing Budget

Inbound Marketing Budget New
Marketing a business online is critical for any long-term success. Unlike other forms of advertising, online marketing and advertising solutions are measurable, highly targeted and can be executed based on the budget restrictions of the user. Read more

10 Free Marketing Ideas For Your Business

10 Free Marketing Tips
Marketing a business online need not be an expensive affair. There are plenty opportunities to get the word out with little marketing spend and impressive impact. Read more

10 useful Keyword tools

10 Useful Keyword Tools
Many websites are usually optimized for search engine rankings using generic keywords. That is no longer a working strategy because the amount of competition on generic keywords is large and search engines are now using localized (read specific) Read more

Server Migrations Completed

Server Migrations Completed
The server migrations to the new Plesk 11 control panel have been completed. Some customers may have received duplicate emails or duplicate notifications about domain renewals or regarding exceeding hosting limits. Read more

Phase 2 & Sneak Peak

The new servers have been configured with the latest Plesk 11 control panel and are scheduled to go online at 8pm GMT on Monday the 11th of February. Read more

DivisionX Systems Upgrade: Phase 2

DivisionX Systems Upgrade: Phase 2
Following the successful completion of Phase 1 of our upgrades on January 18th, we began Phase 2 on the 21st of January. This phase involves both hardware and software upgrades and a move from Postini to McAfee email filtering services. Read more

The benefits of professional web hosting for businesses

Benefits of professional web hosting
Professional Web hosting allows businesses to benefit from technical support and better web security which are not available with free web hosting services. For companies that need sensitive data to operate, Read more

What are the benefits of link building?

What are the benefits of link building?
To attract the right kind of traffic for a website, link building is used to give a website great visibility or ranking on search engine result pages. Various types of links are used to achieve this including backlinks Read more

Dot [.] com registration guidelines

Dot [.] com registration guidelines
Domain registration services became a retail business sometime in 1996. .com domains are the most popular domain types. The domain name system root for .com domains is managed by the Internet Corporation Read more

What is content marketing?

What is content marketing?
Content marketing refers to all types of content that is created so that it can attract, acquire, and engage a clearly specified target market or potential consumer with the aim of driving these potential clients to a specific action that leads to sales. Read more

10 Pay Per Click Marketing Essentials

10 PPC marketing essentials
Not all pay per click campaigns are the same. Some have better returns compared to others. And this is usually as a result of how the campaign is organized and executed. Read more

The Benefits Of Hiring A Pay Per Click Campaign Management Company

Benefits of hiring a pay per click team
Pay per click (PPC) is also known as cost per click and refers to an internet advertising model that drives traffic to websites when adverts, placed alongside organic search results on websites are clicked. Read more

Mobile web design essentials

Social media for small business?
Most Mobile websites are built after the main website-for desktop and computer monitors- has been developed. As a result they are usually set up by optimizing the website for desktops to make it viewable for mobile devices. Read more

The Benefits of using social media for a small business

Social media for small business?

Social Media affects your small business in several ways.

Various statistics released by major marketing firms such as Nielsen show that social media and blogs dominate the time that majority of people in USA and Canada spend online. Read more

What is Software as a Service (SaaS)?

What is Software as a Service (SaaS)?
Software as a service (SaaS) refers to the access of software on a rental/lease basis. Other names for the service include on-demand applications, web-based software, or hosted software. Read more

How to create Facebook tabs for business

How to create Facebook tabs for business
Facebook apps are important for businesses because they allow the sharing of a richer user experience while at the same time managing the content that users can see when they visit the page. Read more

Guide To Finding A Directory Submission Company

Finding a Directory Submission Company

Building links to websites quickly is an important way to rank better on search engine result pages (SERP). Search engines look at the types of links that are placed on a website to determine the website’s reputation and increase a website’s visibility. Read more

Top Ten Best Practices For Company Logos

Top Ten Best Practices for Company Logos
A logo is a quick and long-lasting way to inform your clients about your value proposition. Logos create a quick attachment to a company and represent a company’s commitment to maintaining the level of service their clients really enjoy. Read more

The Difference Between Custom E-commerce Solutions & Hosted E-commerce Solutions

Hosted vs Custom e-Commerce solutions
In this article we will discuss the difference between custom e-commerce solutions and hosted e-commerce solutions.
Read more

How Can an SEO Consultant Help my Business?

How Can an SEO Consultant Help my Business?
A professional SEO consultant can get remarkable results for your website. You can leverage high quality industry standard services if you can identify the right SEO consultant to engage. We think we can help. Read more

How to Hire a Professional Webmaster?

How to Hire a Professional Webmaster?
Hiring a professional Webmaster can save you time money and an online reputation. It is quickly clear when you decide to outsource, that many webmasters do not deliver what they promise. Read more

The Pros and Cons of Being a Professional Web Master

The Pros and Cons of Being a Professional Web Master
It’s not a requirement for you to be an Information technology or Computer Science graduate in case you aspire to be a professional webmaster.  Many employers may require their applicants to hold a Bachelor’s Degree Read more

10 features of a great web hosting company

When choosing a great web hosting solution website owners should consider the various features that the web hosting solution provides so that their website is online longer. Some of these features include:

Why Hire an Internet Marketing Team

Why Hire an Internet Marketing Team
The first thing that a good marketing team can  provide you is the swift positive impact on your online rankings, traffic and conversions. It is not necessarily true that every online  marketing outfit will deliver these results immediately. Read more

Welcome To The DivisionX Articles Knowledgebase

DivisionX Articles Knowledgebase
We receive questions regarding our services from potential and existing clients, on a daily basis. In cases where we feel a question comes up regularly our senior staff researchers and writers are assigned the task of writing a brief article. Read more

Why Choose a Custom e-Commerce Store When You Can Get Cheaper Hosted Solutions?

Why Choose a Custom e-Commerce Store
E-commerce solutions are in great demand and there is a wide range of solutions that are being offered. E-Commerce may be considered as the sales aspect of electronic business. Read more

Need Copy Writing? What To Look For In A Copywriter

What to Look For in a Copywriter.
The all-important question when scouting for a copywriter is what makes a really great one? The intrinsic answer should be writer creativity. Despite efforts to create a well designed website and to optimize the website, Read more

What you Shouldn’t do When Writing a Blog

What you shouldnt do when writing a blog
There are some blogging habits that many people get away with, but which slowly eat away at your traffic. Avoiding these practices can propel you into the top ranks of the bloggers who have a great reputation and a good following Read more

Writing A Blog? Things To Look For

Writing a Blog.Things to Look For.
Writing a blog can be exciting and fulfilling. With a blog, you can connect with people of similar interests through your writing and also earn some revenue doing it. It is important however to adhere to some unspoken blogging rules Read more

How to Configure Emails on the Most Popular Devices

There are various mobile devices now famous with consumers. These come from several major vendors namely Google’s Nexus, Samsung Galaxy, the Blackberry, Apple’s iPad, Amazon Kindle and Barns and Nobles Nook.
Below is a reference guide to quickly get your email up and running on your recently purchased mobile device or tablet.

  • How to configure emails on the Kindle Fire HD

Email on Kindle HD Read more

Top 10 Best Practices For Company Logos

Top Ten Best Practices for Company Logos
A logo is a quick and long-lasting way to inform your clients about your value proposition. Logos create a quick attachment to a company and represent a company’s commitment to maintaining the level of service their clients really enjoy. Read more

Top 5 Characteristics of Great Company Logos

Great Company Logos
You have probably come across a company logo that stuck with you for a while. It was memorable, and powerful enough to evoke memories of the last time you used the company’s products or services. Read more

The Pros And Cons Of Being A Professional Webmaster

The Pros and Cons of Being a Professional Webmaster
It’s not always a requirement for you to be an Information technology or Computer Science graduate for you to be titled Professional Webmaster. There might be a lot of employers that require their applicants to be a Bachelor’s Degree Read more