What Is Copywriting?

What is Copywriting?
Copywriting refers to the act of writing text intended for the purpose of marketing or advertising a product, service, entity, idea or even opinion. The aim of the written text is to draw the audience to buy into an idea or opinion or to buy a product or service that the written copy is pitching for. Read more

What is SEO Copywriting?

What is SEO copywriting?
SEO copy writing takes the copywriter for web content to a higher level. Not only does it refer to the act of creating text that persuades and captures the reader with an attempt to influence them to buy into an idea or to buy a product, Read more

How is Web Copy Writing Different from Print Copy Writing?

Difference between Web and Copy Writing
Writing web copy is slightly different from print copy writing because apart from writing compelling copy to capture the reader’s interest, you also write copy that is aimed at ranking well in search engine results for particular keywords. Read more

What Makes For Good Content For Your Website And In Copywriting?

What Makes for Good Content?

Apart from on-page SEO, there are some shared features that all top sites on search engine results possess. That’s what we hope to share with you in this article. Maybe you have been persuaded that SEO is extremely important. Read more

The Benefits Of Getting A Professional To Write Content For Your Website

The Benefits of Getting a Professional to Write Content for Your Website
Frequently updated content makes search engines happy. So it is a good idea to have high quality content available for you to share with the online social community and search engines. Read more

Need Copy Writing? What To Look For In A Copywriter

What to Look For in a Copywriter.
The all-important question when scouting for a copywriter is what makes a really great one? The intrinsic answer should be writer creativity. Despite efforts to create a well designed website and to optimize the website, Read more