What Is SEO?

What is SEO?
Search engine Optimization or SEO involves using strategies to influence the visibility of a website on search engine result pages. Since it requires the use of certain SEO practices, successful webmasters usually choose the right strategies to use based on the search engine recommended guidelines.
For those new to search engine optimization, having a stepwise approach to beginning your SEO campaign is an easy way to get great consistent results.

1. Get Your Website Ready For Google Indexing

Webmasters can get their websites ready for search engines, including Google by creating a site map. Search engines use a sitemap protocol as a guide when indexing sites. As a result, webmasters should also create their sitemap in line with the protocol. Sitemaps are created in XML and list the pages that a website has. A sitemap also informs the search engines when new pages are added. Automated Sitemaps generators are available that can do updating for a website.

2. Effectively Use Keywords

Once the website is up, creating content that is SEO ready is the next big thing. Doing a keyword research allows webmasters to create content that is relevant to organic searches in the websites niche, resulting in an increase in organic traffic and better ranking. Websites should make use of branded keywords, industry specific keywords and localized keywords to get their content to the right markets and audiences. This not only increases relevant traffic, but also results in higher conversion rates.

3. Check Keyword Parameters

There are various parameters that a webmaster can check when making SEO ready content. These include checking the search volume or the number of times a keyword phrase is searched for online. The more traffic it attracts, the higher the potential of ranking well when you use it.

Another thing to watch out for is the competition of the keyword. Some keyword phrases have high competition potential making it hard for websites to gain good traction with them unless through well-funded PPC campaigns.

Search intent is a phrase that refers to the relevance that words carry when compared to the niche market in which they are used. Webmasters should avoid the urge to use high search volume keywords that are not relevant to their market.

4. Use Backlinks From The Beginning

Webmasters should begin creating inbound links with highly reputable or authoritative websites from the beginning. Having the right websites linking in can result in high natural traffic. To achieve this, users can provide guest posts and use viral style content on social media networks.

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi