Writing A Blog? Things To Look For

Writing a Blog.Things to Look For.
Writing a blog can be exciting and fulfilling. With a blog, you can connect with people of similar interests through your writing and also earn some revenue doing it. It is important however to adhere to some unspoken blogging rules so that you can establish growth in traffic and readership on your page and also make more money through on-page advertising.

1. Identify Your Area Of Expertise

You will find more success by targeting your content to a niche audience on the internet. Whether it means writing about motherhood, relationships, celebrity gossip, photography- whatever you decide, you should ensure that you are good at it. Seldom will people want to read a blog written by a novice unless, you want to blog about your learning experiences in a particular interest.

2. Connect With Your Reader’s Position

Many people will keep visiting your blog if in any way you can express their feelings, fears, aspirations and dreams. This is a key approach to tapping into the readership of audiences in your niche market. You should ensure that your writing portrays you as a person who the reader can relate to.

3. Utilize Links Within Your Article

As you write your articles, ensure that you can use links within your articles that lead the reader to highly authoritative websites. This means a lot for your blog including better search engine ranking and an increase in the number of clicks that occur on your page.

4. Use Videos

The regular internet audience responds amazingly well to video content. It also improves your blog’s reputation by providing compelling content to your readers. Videos create a personal touch on your blog especially if you can create your own videos. These make a stronger presentation of your ideas, because videos engage both the sight and hearing of your audience when communicating.

5. Interact Through Comments

Many blogs allow readers to post comments after each post. It is important that as a blogger, you communicate and interact with everyone that posts to your blog. You should use and appreciative tone and comment even if the writer was not requesting more information. It not only creates credibility for you but also shows that you are a real person.

6. Post To Social Media

Take maximum advantage of every social media platform where you can get good traffic from. Social media is the Internet’s most robust link-sharing tool allowing people to post links to friends and friends of friends within a very short time. This can work very well in popularizing your blog and getting organic traffic over to your blog regularly over long periods of time.

7. Post Regularly

Finally but important none the less is your posting frequency. You need to have a balance of the number of times you post your blog. Not too many times in a week lest some of your posts are left unread, but just enough so that your blog stays fresh and current. Accepted practices are three posts per week.

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi