10 Free Marketing Ideas For Your Business

10 Free Marketing Tips
Marketing a business online need not be an expensive affair. There are plenty opportunities to get the word out with little marketing spend and impressive impact. Although it is necessary to spend money on some strategic marketing platforms such as PPC, it is usually a good idea to leverage on the many cheaper options available. Here are some ways to make marketing gains online with less:

1. Commenting On Blogs

Identify blogs that serve the same market as your website and write comments on various articles. In cases where readers feel your thoughts are insightful, they will naturally head over to your webpage for more.

2. Advice Potential Visitors Through Message Boards

Hundreds of messages boards dot the internet. These have been around for a long time and still offer an effective way for various pools of people to receive advice. Message boards such as those on Yahoo can drive a lot of traffic to a website, if you place good content on them.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Thanks to search engines online, SEO will not go out of use soon. By using the most visited website on the internet-Google, to get a good ranking, you can receive tons of relevant traffic to your website. To get started, Google also offer an SEO toolkit.

4. Create A Blog

This is a vital platform for getting fresh content out to users who can read the content and become regulars. Search engines also check for fresh content when ranking websites and this is one way to get ranked higher.

5. Use Local SEO And Local Listings

Localized search is now a famous concept that allows people to find relevant content that they can take action on. Search engines provide relevant listings and users are more likely to get converted to a sale.

6. Use Social Networks

Social media remains a great way to share links across the internet especially when content put out has a viral nature. Sharing good content and participating on the various social platforms can lead to more social impressions and increased traffic.

7. Guest Blogging

This is a great way to improve branding and get backlinks. By submitting content to blogs online, it is possible to create become an online authority and increase traffic. Guest blogging gets your name out there and possibly increases traffic.

8. Write Case Studies

Writing case studies of happy customers is another great way to market a brand and get people interested. It also builds credibility for the brand.

9. Gamification

The adoption of gamification in marketing is a key unique concept that makes use of the consumers desire to earn something. Gamification introduces the concept of reward for participation hence increasing the interaction between brand and their target market.

10. Virality

The ability to create highly sharable content either as video or other multimedia can create the necessary nudge for a marketing campaign online. However, viral content must be innovative and unexpected.

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi