Marketing and Design Company Best Practises

Marketing and Design company best practise
First impressions matter because they last. Having an idea of what marketing and design companies use to determine the best designs may yet be a good place to start in ensuring that the team you hire to create and manage your online marketing content adheres to the highest levels of quality deliverable. We have some tips on what it takes to create world-class digital content, and what your team should be at par with.

1. Simple, Fresh and Unique

Simplicity is genius. Don’t overload your page with too much writing or with complex features that make the pages load for long periods of time. Avoiding website layouts that are clustered and go for a precise, clean cut webpage. Such a design reflects that the designer has understood the essence of what is to be achieved and created a website that meets those needs quickly. In a busy world, your clients will love this.

2. Action, Action, Action

Every website should have a clear call-to-action that immediately engages the visitor. This is a response you want the user to complete immediately they are on your website. A call to action provides a way to measure the success of your site and clear direction to your users. It is a vital built-in feature for every page. A good designer not only recognizes the need for this feature on your site, but will present it in a way that the user will understand. Finally, a call to action must present the benefit the user will get by responding.

3. Showcase the Products/Services

Once the user lands on your page, there should be a quick way for them to recognize what exactly you are offering them. Many designers mix the company information with the product/service to be sold. In case information about the company needs to be given, this should be done on a different website or blog. To communicate within seconds, a great design should use photographs and videos effectively to present the products to the visitor. Needless to say, these pictures and videos should be crisp and professional.

4. Site Load Times

Web sites should load almost immediately. There are established  threshold times for this, typically within three seconds.  The internet is speeding up. More of your online clients have access to fast internet. A slow loading site soon gets avoided. Your design and marketing talent should use the right methods to ensure that even your videos can load quickly, especially when the traffic to your site starts building up. After all, it is what you are paying them for – more traffic. They should be able to make your site load fast even when there is need to scale.

5. Excellent Navigation

Moving through your site should be intuitive and simple to understand. Visitors should easily identify where the information they need resides without the need to hit the search button. This is possible with good navigation layout. Search engines also prefer sites that are well organized. Having a poorly organized website can also lead to lower ranking for your site on search engine results.

6. Content-both People and Search Engines Love Content

Poor quality content can cause people to leave your website in a matter of minutes. Also the more high-quality content you have, the more attractive your site appears to search engines. Well placed and composed headlines are also important and usually mean  more views from visitors.

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi