Common Custom Website Design Pitfalls And How To Avoid Them

Website Design Pitfalls
It is important to hire the right talent for your custom website design. Not only do you get noticed, but your presence online is more meaningful for your bottom-line. With a custom website design, you begin to see the benefits with improved search engine rankings, increased traffic and conversion rates, and ultimately, more sales. Here are some common pitfalls encountered when companies choose to get their own custom website and what can be done to avoid them.

1. Complex Navigation

On a quick glance of your site’s homepage, your visitor should get a clear indication of where everything is- well almost everything. This can be done by having intuitive navigation.  However, when needed, you can include as back up, a well optimized search  box. This should be taken seriously, because in case your search algorithm is poor, the user may not find what they are looking for and  leave soon afterwards.

2. Hard To Scan Through

Your custom built site should allow users to quickly run through your proposition. The visitor should be able to know what you are all about within seconds of landing on your page. In case they cannot figure you out or get the wrong impression, you may not be able to convert them. You can achieve this effect by using leading headlines, bullet points and short blurbs which users can click on for more information.

3.Unreadable Fancy Or Small Fonts

Sometimes we come across websites that have a great aesthetic appeal, but are illegible. Even if we spend a few minutes on these sites, we eventually leave without committing to any beneficial actions for those businesses and having little knowledge about what they do. Fonts should be easy to read and  big enough. Different visitors have a different visual acuity, and it is important that your designer considers this.

4.Inconsistent Interfaces

Ensure that the interface design rarely changes if at all from page to page. This can be confusing to the user and sometimes annoying. Even if you have various wonderful interfaces that you would like to try out, applying one per website is the best practice.

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi