10 Features of Great Web Hosting
When choosing a great web hosting solution website owners should consider the various features that the web hosting solution provides so that their website is online longer. Some of these features include:

1. The Amount of storage

For large websites, access to unlimited storage may mean having to pay a premium. Choosing a host that sets clear limits rather than providing a blanket approach is important to prevent situations where the website owners suddenly have hidden charges to deal with.

2. The bandwidth

This is an important consideration when it comes to choosing a web host. This is based on the fact that is the allocated bandwidth is exhausted, this can result in the website being pulled off the internet. Some hosts offer unlimited bandwidth, however, for a popular website it is important to have the right information when it comes to the limits that the host offers.

3. Check the number of domains your require

For webmasters who have a number of websites to set up, choosing the right web host solution is important to ensure they can host multiple domains. The webmaster should check the limits for multiple domains the web host allows them to have. These should be adequate for all the domains they want to host.

4. Email accounts and other features

Find out the email solution and web hosting additional features that set the web host apart from their competition. This includes checking of they have a Google apps integration, webmail interface and a convenient email client i.e. IMAP, POP etc.

5. Check for Database support

Despite the type of database that you run, you should be able to access the right kind of support from your web host. Although many web hosts provide MySQL; various solutions such as Oracle, SQL server or PostgreSQL are also available for the discerning webmaster. In case your database flavor is not available, you can do some research for a web hosting company that offers it.

6. Support for Mobile Apps and Websites

More people are accessing information online using apps and mobile devices. As a result, it becomes easier for webmasters to manage their traffic using webmasters who provide these services. Not only is a web host who provides mobile apps preferable, but they should easily provide statistics for mobile web tracking that can assist in good decision making.

7.Tech Support

For websites that should be up most of the time, having tech support around the clock is vital to ensure a high quality service for website visitors.

8. FTP access

File transfer Protocol or FTP is a set of rules for uploading or downloading large files directly over the internet to a platform. It is a fast way for webmasters to send web files to their webhost. Most web hosting platforms should offer FTP tools allowing for the convenience of file transfers. In case you choose a free webhosting platform however, this feature may not be included or may come with limitations and it is a good idea to check.

9. CGI-BIN, Perl and SSI

Web hosting providers should give you a secure login feature, normally through and interface known as the Common Gateway Interface (CGI). With this interface, CGI scripts check and verify username and password information, credit card information and more. Most CGI scripts are written in Perl and SSI.

10. Raw Log files

Though usually understated, raw log files provide webmasters with a time stamped log of all the activities that their users perform online, including visitor IP addresses, accessed files and referrals. It is an important source of information especially when it comes to security and search engine optimization.

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi