Effectively Managing Internet Marketing Teams

Internet Marketing Teams
Some companies have an in-house online marketing team, led by an experienced digital marketer. However, with the dynamics involved in keeping such a team, many companies prefer hiring creative talent beyond their walls. This may require some new skills once you have settled for the right people. After all, managing them for results becomes the next important thing if the online marketing objectives must be reached. Some ways of managing such teams include:

1. Understand  The Roles Involved

The last thing you want is to lead a team whose roles and responsibilities you have little understanding of. You should be able to differentiate between the copywriters, SEO analysts and web developers. They all have different tasks in your team.

2. Outline Your Marketing Strategy

The entire team needs to understand the marketing strategy you prefer as a company, to meet your goals. You may decide to choose between strategies like PPC advertising or SEO. The digital marketing strategies all have different approaches and require different skill sets.

3. Spell Out The Key Performance Indicators

Share with your team what ways your company measure internet marketing success. That way everyone will know when they fall short. In case you are focusing on brand awareness, digital sales or better social reach, your team will know what is required for them to reach the spelled out metrics.

4. On-boarding New Talent

Construct an on-boarding process that gives your new employees the team’s objectives and workflow so that they get the most done and enjoy doing  their work. During on-boarding, you also have a chance to correct any wrong notions that employees pick up with time.

5. Use Project Management Tools

Project management tools allow team members to share the workflow of a project and effectively monitor changes to the work in an orderly way. The tools also allow the team to handle queries from each other or from clients in case your team is intricately involved with clients.

6. Plan For Scalability

As you work with your team, it is vital that you also plan for growth in your company, which may occur hopefully as a result of your success. That way teams can break into spin-offs that subsequently handle the different new tasks that may be as a result of growth.

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi