What is A Webmaster?

What is a Webmaster?
A webmaster also goes by the name web developer or site author, website administrator or web architect.
A web architect or webmaster is responsible for the planning and implementation of websites – a role that includes website development, hosting of the website, optimizing web applications on online servers, testing, troubleshooting and ensuring that software and hardware are functioning properly. Webmasters also generating content and revisions.
If you already have your own website, DivisionX can help you to maintain and market your site expertly. In case you choose this option, there is a wide range of factors that you need to consider in order to ensure you attract visitors to your site and, most importantly, convert them into customers. Having an attractive website by itself is not enough.
We offer services based on superior design, development and maintenance of your website and only give you the features that you need to attract and sell. No unnecessary frills or gimmicks – just the proven techniques and best practices. As professional webmasters with 14 years exposure and experience, we have a good understanding of what works and can use our skills and technical know-how to ensure you are meeting your online objectives within your budgets.
If you are still planning for your website, here are some pointers as to what a webmaster can do for you.  Hiring a professional will ensure you get the best service while you concentrate on what you know best, running your organization or business.
Here are some roles and responsibilities you can expect the webmaster you hire to take on for your website.

1. Hosting And Server Maintenance

Your webmaster can arrange for the purchase of a website’s domain name. They should also choose a server for the site which is robust and has sufficient bandwidth to ensure your website is up as close to 100% of the time as practicable within your budget. There are also various hosting solutions available aimed at data storage and mirroring, data safety, and other auxiliary services so that websites are always available when requested. It is the job of your webmaster to identify the right hosting solution for you.

2. Website Maintenance

A significant portion of a professional webmaster’s time is spent on maintaining the site. This can involve updating content, making sure that the website’s code is compatible with various browsers, fixing broken links and images, adding page animations, new pictures, fresh content, new events and event registration, and product updates among others. When the site owner wants to make changes to the site, the webmaster is tasked with making those changes happen quickly and seamlessly. We provide all  these services to help you get your online business operation up quickly.

3. Troubleshooting

All websites encounter problems. Troubleshooting is vital in restoring normal website function.  The webmaster anticipates and deals with these problems preventing frustration and difficulties for users logging onto the website. To achieve this, the webmaster will constantly test your site for functionality, ease of use and load time. They will ensure that content on the site is easily accessible and easy to read for the target audience. If there are complaints or comments from users, they will assess the substance and execute changes or fixes as required.

4. Programming

The webmaster should have adequate  programming and software development skills. This is essential when coding the site layout; adding new content and features; enhancing navigation using Javascript, CSS and HTML; creating animation, video, sound, logos and artwork; installing Java, Javascript coding and Flash; installing Perl scripts; and backing up the site. They also provide security against hackers and spammers. Our company has highly qualified programmers who can efficiently perform all of these things for your website.

5. Marketing And Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One of the most important functions of a webmaster is driving traffic to a website and making sure that it ranks highly in search engines. They should optimize various elements of the site so it will climb higher in the search engine rankings. Programming functions are crucial to the effective performance of webmasters. They have to set up trackers within the HTML code of a website.
Trackers are responsible for indicating which pages on the site get viewed the most and where the site visitors come from when they visit your website. This valuable information helps webmasters in prioritizing external links and ad space. They will inform you which web pages perform the best in terms of SEO. Furthermore, they keep track of the number of visits to your site and the percentage of visits that generates sales. DivisionX is comprised of professional, certified webmasters who can efficiently deliver SEO services making sure your online business reaches the right audience on the Internet meeting the intended objectives. Hiring our services, can save you time and money.

6. Web Design

Webmasters are also often specialists in web design technologies. Our webmasters ensure your site is both aesthetically appealing and meets user requirements such as easy navigation and the needed functionality for specialized web sites. Recent trends also expect the web design to incorporate marketing concepts and call to action concepts for increased conversion rates. With good design experience and knowledge, webmasters bring a high level of creative and project oversight responsibility to the web development process. They also ensure success in the sales aspects of the site.
On the whole, professional website webmasters provide a personalized, on-going service for your website, including the  help to manage growth and to transition into a bigger business with multiple sites and complex functionality. This is usually achieved within your budgets.
Division X has a track record in consistently meeting customer requirements over a long period of time with reputable clients in various industries. In case you would like more information, please contact us or email us and we will  get back to you as soon as possible

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi