A Brief History of Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS (pronounced sas) has been around for many years and we may not have invented it but we were certainly around at the birth. What it boils down to is that instead of paying to buy, host, install, maintain, and secure some software that performs a useful function, you pay a monthly fee and the provider takes care of all that for you. Most SaaS vendors do not allow for finely grained customization so what you pay for is almost identical to what everyone else gets. In other words what you get is the lowest-common-denominator i.e. the minimum that will keep the most customers happy. Back in 1998 we took this idea to the next level. We applied the same idea to custom solutions that are as unique as our customers. We call our version of SaaS eLease.

We don’t have sales people. We have Customer Listeners and Advocates

Our eLease solution works best in specific circumstances. If you have spent a great deal of time and money on a project and it either was not completed or did nothing for you business then it would probably be ideal for you. If you need to get your MVP to market quickly or if you have a web business idea but are not sure how to realize it or take it forward, eLease could be the perfect solution for you. With eLease you rent the system at a fraction of the cost by paying a monthly fee. The minimum term of contract is one year. If after a year you are unhappy you can cancel the service by giving 30 days notice so your outlay and risk is significantly reduced. Conversely, our risk has significantly increased because we are assuming with our help your business will grow to the point where you can purchase the system outright. There is a point of balance and that varies depending on the customer and their circumstance.

With eLease you can also bundle in and pay monthly for certain automated online marketing tools and activities (eMarketing) at a discounted rate. eLease works best if you want to gain traction in the market place but do not want to pay a great deal up front because you need that money to grow your business. There is an option to be able to buy, or lease to buy, the software and marketing tools when you grow large enough to easily accommodate the purchase. Each eLease solution is customized for each customer and their risk level. Through 15+ years and thousands of customers we’ve been able to create many different working solutions.

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi