Website Webmaster: The Key Behind The Success Of Every Site?

Professional Webmaster
In every success story there is a hero. For most successful websites this is usually the webmaster. Professional webmasters evaluate, correct, improve, expand, develop, maintain, market, and promote websites effectively.
If you have an existing website, our experts can draw more visitors to your site and help in converting those visits into sales. Your site should not only look pleasant, it should also have the content and usability that make it rank highly on search engines, and with ease, convert visitors to customers.
Analogous to a person’s features, the website design can be viewed as the face, the web content compared to the character, and the webmaster likened to the brain.
Without a functional website, a business lacks the online advantage that internet presence brings. In case you have that challenge, you can contact us and begin setting up shop online. The internet holds great opportunities for all and having a website can open many new doors for your business. You can learn more about the advantages of having a website through our other articles.

1. Domains And Hosting

Identifying the right domain for a business and arranging its purchase is done mostly by the webmaster and is an important task especially for branding purposes. Another important responsibility is arranging the right web hosting for your site. A web hosting service provides online computing resources, available 99% of the time-with guarantees. These web servers are configured to provide services such as email, e-commerce shops and blogs that allow people to complete a business transaction or interact with a business online by viewing its information over the internet.
When choosing a website, there are many things to consider, such as reliability, speed, and security of your account. It is important  that once you start gathering information on your databases, that you prevent your site from being hacked and spammed. A competent webmaster will be able to configure the best hosting for your website.
Most web hosting services provide mirroring services, which the webmaster should ensure are set up. This is vital in order to maintain the website and keep it running in case of accidental failure on one of the servers hosting the site. One of the webmasters tasks is to create emergency and back-up procedures for worst-case scenarios-in addition to acquiring mirroring services from the hosting service provider. Constant monitoring is vital to keep the web server running as smoothly and efficiently as possible at all times.

2. Maintenance And Care Of The Website

A website webmaster dedicates a major portion of time to maintaining the site itself. This involves tasks such as:

  • Content updates – a supply of good content will make the site more appealing to visitors
  • Ensuring that there is code compatibility of the website with existing browsers
  • Identifying and repairing broken links and images,
  • Supplementing a site’s content with whatever draws in visitors to stay longer on your site
  • Submitting the web site to search engines and directories
  • Formulating new events and registration requirements
  • Handling social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Creating different versions of the website site that can be viewed on mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

Another highly important task is to keep up with the latest innovations for web technologies
Knowledge of prevailing web technologies allows the webmaster to make to the website, and immediately comply with the website-owner requirements without the need for a steep learning curve. The webmaster in essence enables an organization to meet its business goals online.

3. Troubleshooting, Test And Evaluation

Websites should be developed and maintained in a cyclical pattern, which is repetitive and improves the site over time while allowing equal slots of  time for the webmaster to act on feedback from users, troubleshoot problems and evaluate the impact of every added new feature. This extends the  role of a webmaster to regular testing, evaluation and troubleshooting of the site to ensure its efficiency, ease of use, functionality, and to improving the site’s loading time. This is not to be confused with customer support. The webmaster’s job is limited to the website and not the products and services sold via the website to the end user.

4. Programming And Enhancements

Webmasters should understand the underlying programming technologies that support a website. Such knowledge enables the webmaster to enhance the ease of use for a web site including how to get the main points across quickly and efficiently by the judicious use of Javascript (jQuery), HTML, CSS, animations, sound enhancements, video displays, and mobile-friendly attributes.
Website webmasters must keep the software and operating system of your website up to date, and ensure it is secure against hackers and spammers. We have a team of highly qualified programmers who are ready to perform these tasks for your website using current industry best practices.

5. Search Engine Optimization And Marketing

Driving traffic to your site is very important especially now that very many dynamics determine what users see when they search online. The advent of various social media tools also plays a huge part in this. Webmasters utilize
SEO skills to ensure that your site ranks highly in search engine result pages. This is a science and an art and involves finding the best and most appropriate places on the web to effectively promote your sites. If done correctly SEO and online marketing usually results in a steady climb in search engines rankings.
All the efforts targeted at ensuring that your website appears high in search engine rankings for particular keywords is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short.
In line with achieving great results online, webmasters must arrange for ways to measure the performance of the website online. These metrics are then utilized to refine the SEO and marketing efforts so that only the best tools are used.
Webmasters can include tracking tools within the website’s code. The webmaster can also utilize tools such as Google Analytics to indicate the pages on websites that are most commonly viewed and where the site visitors originate from, as well as the keywords they used to find the website. All this is vital information that helps website webmasters identify what external links and ad spaces need to be prioritized.
Furthermore, this information gives both website owners and the webmaster useful feedback as to which web pages perform best and which need to be improved. Likewise, these trackers can allow the monitoring of the total number of visits to a web site and the specific pages and functionality that generates actual sales.

6. Web Design

Today’s websites should be designed with sales and marketing concepts and technical robustness in mind. Webmasters with web design experience to handle this well. A competent webmaster sees your website from a technical, aesthetic, functionality, safety and security, and sales point of view. In comparison a purely web design professional’s concern is the overall aesthetic appeal of the site. As a result, such webmasters can make your site look unique and interesting and create designs that capture the imagination while still making your site fast and highly converting.
A good designer will achieve this within the requirements of the website owner and the purpose for which the site was created. The focus of the design is to make it function effectively for the benefit of the users such that they convert into paying customers. The role of the website webmaster as a designer is to ensure not only that your site is visually attractive but also that it is fully functional. As designers, website webmasters have a high level of creativity and project insight that is required for web development. Once the site has been created, the webmaster has many roles to play– these have already been covered in the above sections.


We have discussed a website webmaster’s overall tasks and identified the multiple roles these play in making your website a success. We have also listed their key functions in relation to the website construction and maintenance.
As webmasters with over fourteen-years-experience in embracing and implementing different prevailing and emerging technologies, we ensure you benefit fully from our experience. You will find that with us you are in excellent hands.
In case you are looking for a webmaster, visit our site and contact us for a free no-obligation consultation.

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi