Why Hire an Internet Marketing Team

Why Hire an Internet Marketing Team
The first thing that a good marketing team can  provide you is the swift positive impact on your online rankings, traffic and conversions. It is not necessarily true that every online  marketing outfit will deliver these results immediately. But hiring a good team is a sure way to get the results sooner. In case you are still not convinced, take a look at some of the reasons business hire online marketing teams:

1. Affordability

Today internet marketers can provide online services based on the amount you are willing to spend allowing your company to stay within  budgets and quickly get the results you seek.

2. Tech Savvy

The internet is a rapidly changing environment. Online marketers are always abreast with the latest techniques, so you don’t have to be. Hiring an internet marketing team gives you access to web designing and branding talent, rich and original web content writing, and the all important social media optimization.

3. Easily Get Into New Markets

You may have identified new opportunities online and planned  to move into these markets but lacked the necessary skills to move in. The online marketer identifies such new market niches and can direct these markets to your site using available tools. A good example may lie in the number of people who watch specific channels on YouTube. A savvy marketer can create the necessary links to direct this traffic to you.

4. Web Site Maintenance

One of the challenges of having a website is maintenance and support of the site. A few online marketers such as DivisionX, can also take on the role of managing your website quickly and efficiently using an in-house team further lowering your digital marketing costs. Many other marketing companies provide this service but because they either do not have the expertise in-house or they have to assign expensive design staff to do small changes, it may cost you significantly more in time and money offsetting the benefits of getting all these services from one supplier.

5. Quality Content

The online team is adept in creating optimized content for the web that is high quality. That allows your site to have high quality content that keeps clients coming back for more.

6. Higher Rankings

Following changes to the search and ranking algorithms by major search engines, websites that are indexed by the search engines, that have fresh high quality content are rewarded with higher rankings, while those that have rarely updated content are downgraded in rankings. Because of better content, and regular updates your website will be ranked better in search engines leading to higher conversions, more clients and better.

7. High Internet Return on Investment(ROI)

Web sites are an investment. Having a highly converting site is important. You need a team that is going to make use of your internet presence including email, social media and mobile marketing. Better and more effective online  marketing services,  mean  more online sales and conversions, more profit and ultimately a higher/better return on investment for every penny spent to keep your business online.

8. Increased Brand Presence and Growth

Online marketing is the fastest way to grow a brand beyond any physical or perceived barriers. Internet marketing allows your efforts to be distributed faster without barriers to as many of the target market as possible. A good online marketer should harness the internet to create a huge impact in terms of brand growth and brand presence online.

9. Avoid Expensive Software

Sometimes companies implement software solutions that help in online marketing and monitoring. The problem of this approach is that you spend a lot of time searching through and evaluating software seldom enough time on the marketing tasks. In the likely case that the software fails to meet the intended objectives, the purchase cost is counted as a loss. Also such software requires hiring new staff. An online marketing team can save you this cost and lead to good results.

10. SEO Services

Your website can generate a lot of traffic in a short time if it is search engine optimized. It can also be downgraded, if the SEO is poor, according to new algorithms now in use by search engine robots. In cases where your company does its internet marketing in house, you will have to employ SEO teams to optimize your site. However, online marketers employ SEO techniques  during the design of your website saving you the cost of hiring SEO teams.

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi