The Importance Of Keyword Research

The importance of keyword research
Performing a keyword search correctly increases the chance of ranking well on the various internet search engines when users conduct searches starting with the specific keywords that you choose and optimize on your website. Targeting keywords that do not convert can result in wasted SEO efforts.

1. Determine The Keyword Value

By researching on the specific keyword usage in the market that you serve on the internet, you can create content that is optimized for search engines and learn about your market behavior and trends at the same time. Keyword research is used to determine the value of a keyword. With this knowledge you can prioritize the use of the right keywords and phrases in a particular market so that you can increase your website’s online traffic.

2. Identify The Targeted Market

The keywords and key phrases that online visitors type in search engines allow them to be directed to websites that search engines deem most appropriate. These keywords are available to webmasters through various tools. By using a simple approach that involves making various assumptions, it is possible to know the relative value of keywords relevant to one’s market or niche of online visitors.

3. Identify Relevant Keywords

Webmasters begin by checking the relevance of various high potential keywords to their website content. To identify the types of keywords, the Adwords keyword tool can be used. This tool offers suggestions for key words. As webmasters enter various keywords that are relevant to their market niche, the Adwords keyword tool generates statistics detailing the number of search queries that matches each keyword over a time period (1 month).

4. Uncover Keyword Competition

For such relevant keywords, it is also important to search the rankings on all major search engines. This gives the webmaster adequate insight into the kind of competition that his or her content faces.This also gives webmasters an insight into the kind effort that is needed to rank highly. Also, taking a look at the advertisements that line along the organic search results points the webmaster in the right direction in terms of the kind of keywords that are considered highly converting.

5. Allow For Live Tests

In order to find out how well a keyword converts, webmasters can also schedule a Google Adwords or Bing Adcenter campaign and monitor the conversion rate for a few hundred click-throughs. The data collected from such a sample run not only gives the webmaster the rate of conversion of a keyword, it also allows them to see whether, the keyword reflects the needs that users were searching for when they clicked on it.
Let’s take a look at what the collected data for a sample test run could mean. Assume that the test run generates 5000 impressions and 100 actual visitors. If these visitors mean 3 actual buys,with clients spending say $300, then 1 visitor is valued at $3. For number one rankings, 5000 impressions could mean 18-36% click-throughs, which translates to 900-1800 visits per day at $3 each, so you can now appreciate how valuable the number one position is on the search results.

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi