What Are The Features I Should Look For in Affordable SEO?

Features to look for in an SEO
The cost of an SEO campaign boils down to the type of services that the consultant is offering and the frequency that the services will be provided e.g. monthly. As a business owner, you should ensure that some key factors are considered and covered by your affordable SEO service. A site audit that looks at your Web site performance in terms of domain age, quality of content, average page loading speed. The market you operate in which should cover website standing, competitiveness and the competition. Now that you have found an affordable SEO company, there are some bare minimums they should provide you with.

1. Keyword Research and at least 3 Keywords

The keyword research is probably one of the most important services you should receive. Not only does it give direction to the entire SEO operation, but it also provides you with an understanding of whether you have settled on the right choice for SEO keywords or key phrases. Ensure that at a minimum you receive three keywords that have proven Keyword Efficiency Index.

2. Google Analytics setup

Using Google Analytics can lead to insights that can change the way you do business online. An invaluable tool, it lets you measure the sales and conversions that occur on your page and additionally provides you with daily insights into how your online audiences use your site, the links that bring them to your site, and the insights on how you can keep them visiting.

3. Regular Promotions

Your SEO service should include online marketing and social media promotions at least once weekly. This not only gets your website out there, but also grows the number of interested websites that link to your domain.

4. Local and Global Listing in Directories

You should get a commitment from your SEO consultant to create a specific number of back links monthly. These links should include social bookmarks, local and global submissions in directories, article submissions, directory signatures and blog comments. A number like 20 a month is agreeable for each. Be aware however that too many back links in too short a time is a red flag for search engines because this is a characteristic of many spam and malware websites.

5. A Guide Through your Web site on-page SEO Setup

Already by now you should be getting over 75% of the bang for your buck. Your SEO consultant should advise you on whether you have the right navigation, on whether you have a sitemap and if all the sites pages are included, whether all your images have the ALT tag content and so on.

6. Finally, link-building

Your website is ranked by search engines based on the authority of site links that link back to your site. Your SEO consultant should explain how they intend to get you linked to the right domains. Normally this should follow the following ideas, the Google page rank for your links should he relatively high. The higher the better. The domain should be old, the older the better, and it should be regularly updated.

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi