Top 10 Things To Do To Succeed On Pinterest

how to Succeed on Pinterest
Pinterest is the fastest site to get to the 10 million mark in social media history. It may be new, but unprecedented growth has already been observed.
This content sharing service  allows members to “pin” images, videos and other objects to their pinboard. A virtual pinboard, by categorization, Pinterest is a rapidly expanding social media platform, that you can tap into to gain more conversions for your business and see an increase in traffic. By applying the 10 strategies below, you will be on your way to good success on Pinterest:

1. Set Up Correctly

Be mindful and spend time to set up your profile correctly. Ensure that you pick the right choice of keywords for use in your descriptions. When getting started, also ensure that you set up on the blog, any buttons that you will need.

2. Know Your Target Market

Look into the interest of your target market. Use categories and keywords  on the Pinterest dashboard to make a search. Decide on your concept before setting up your board. Your concept should relate to the kind of solution that your company or business offers. This will help you gain the interest of your target followers.

3. Use A Photo Contest

Pinterest is made with unique strengths you can use for running a contest and benefiting from the online buzz. You can conceptualize a contest, have traffic to your site and capitalize on the buzz.

4. Strategize To Win

Use trending keywords in your Headlines. Include pictures or video that have the  best quality. Spend time to monitor the traffic that’s being generated. Evaluate and see which pins are getting you popular and the kind of photos or videos that bring you traffic. Revise your strategy and pin more of these kind of images. You can also start new pin boards as you feel the need.

5. Link Blogs To Pins

Most medium to large businesses have blog sites. Every time you post, you can pin an image from the post to your Pinterest account. You can also post photos of your staff, your office, business affairs and the like to generate interest in what your business does. These pins will give your company a human face, making potential customers feel more connected to you and your company.

6. Social Media Integration

Advertise to your followers on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn to follow you on Pinterest! Get them to check out your pins so that you can  lure them to visit your blog. Start following users and/or individual boards that are of interest to you and related to your business. By following and engaging with users and re-pinning their content, you will begin to acquire your own community of followers.

7. Follow The Lead

Best and proven technique on Twitter is to follow the popular Lead! This is the best way  to increase awareness about your company. Following popular names, will benefit you because their followers are likely to follow you. In addition, it is also vital to find out who is “pinning” your products, and then follow them as there is a great chance that they will follow you back.

8. Be Social

“Comment” and “like”. This is almost the same as what your are doing in Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Google+. You can also use names and tags to announce the user you are engaging with. Say Thank You. Thank the person who has re-pinned your pin and make the effort to thank them. Remember that more engagement means more traffic!

9. Topic Of The day

You could come up with a catchphrase that is tied to the business’ background. Make sure they are catchy enough so that the images get re-pinned. The daily topic pins will usually result to repeat visitors. And you can be sure that they will come back  more often looking for a new one.

10. Enjoy Have Fun

You can facilitate fun games. Everyone loves contest! No need for expensive prizes. Perhaps some blog badges or tokens will do. In return, encourage interested traffic them to re-pin your pins or become followers.
Let’s keep the traffic coming Pinners! Remember more traffic means more business! Happy Pinning!

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi