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Standalone, or as part of your eCommerce strategy, there is no more powerful inbound marketing tool.

WordPress for eCommerce

Use the best blogging software in the world to power your inbound marketing, social media campaigns, advertising, and mailing-lists to make more sales on the internet or manage your company intranet. Do you need WordPress integrated with Magento, Prestashop or your choice of shopping cart? We can create a custom solution for you and fully manage it. Your team at DivisionX will do the heavy lifting to match the look and feel of your WordPress site with your eCommerce shopping cart. Want a standalone solution. We will fully manage your WordPress website with or without eCommerce features. This is not going to be some hobbled version of WordPress limited by usage just to make it run fast. This is for the real thing! We will do backups, add a host of security features, do regular check-ups to make sure WordPress is running super fast and secure, and manage SEO features to get you more online sales. There is no other solution quite like this anywhere.

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What is the best shopping cart for WordPress?

We create beautiful and mobile-friendly WordPress sites for any business and we intelligently manage them so you can rest assured. WordPress was not designed to be a shopping cart but it is perfect for blogging, SEO, and inbound marketing in combination with any shopping cart.

It is true that there are a number of shopping cart plugins for WordPress. They however generally only work well for small shops. For larger more complex shops these plugins fall well short of famous carts such as Magento, Prestashop, WHMCS etc. to name but a few. If you have an eCommerce business the best shopping cart for WordPress is Magento, Prestashop, WHMCS etc., our own super fast and custom sales engine, or whatever shopping cart suits you best.

We will combine WordPress with your chosen shopping cart so they look and feel the same. You can then take advantage of the hundreds of thousands of WordPress plugins and blog for your business. Want WordPress combined with another software package or want a custom plugin for WordPress? Contact us for a no obligation quotation.

Prices for our intelligently managed customized WordPress sites are highly affordable and include hosting.

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