What is SEO Copywriting?

What is SEO copywriting?
SEO copy writing takes the copywriter for web content to a higher level. Not only does it refer to the act of creating text that persuades and captures the reader with an attempt to influence them to buy into an idea or to buy a product, it also ensures that a page ranks higher on search results generated by organic search queries. SEO copy writing is becoming more and more useful because no matter how optimized a website is, if it lacks high quality content that persuades other domains to connect to the website, the efforts for SEO remain futile.

1. Compelling content and on-page SEO

A key difference between print copywriting and SEO copywriting is on-page optimization. A skilled SEO copywriter should have the ability to write content that is irresistible to share or link to and also possess the skills to optimize your page so that search engines can serve it to those who might want to read it.

2. SEO copywriting means targeted traffic

Your print copywriters will create well focused content. And that’s important. However, SEO takes care of the second most popular activity online after emails, and that is searching. Having an SEO copywriter as opposed to just a print copywriter ensures that the content created has the right keywords so that you constantly appear on search engine results.

3. Link-building

An SEO copywriter can use link-building strategies to get you noticed by new online traffic. Search engines assign some importance to the number of authoritative links that end up on your page.

4. SEO copywriters are social

Important to link building and link discovery is social media optimization. Why? Because this is the main vehicle for sharing newly found links and content with friends, friends of friends and so on. SEO copywriters can leverage their knowledge of social media to deliver your content is small shareable ways that are also socially optimized, leading to better results.

5. SEO copy writing makes ‘last mile’ search possible

Once your website has authority, it is vital that you can be accessed online. The SEO copywriter provides the right keywords to the search engine in order for search engines to match your website to the client’s needs when they search online.

6. User Retention

Both a print copywriter and an SEO copywriter can retain the reader on your website, the only difference being that the SEO copywriter also helps to get the user to your page in the first place. SEO copywriters have the lingo and also the skills to optimize your page.

7. Saves money and time

Under normal circumstances SEO work and copy writing would need two professionals to handle them. SEO copywriters change that by handling both critical tasks that are interdependent saving you time and money.

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi