Top 10 Things To Do To Succeed On YouTube

Increase Your Youtube Subscribers
YouTube is the most popular video sharing social network.  Every month, 800 million unique viewers watch YouTube, with 75% of these coming outside the US. It is also a surprising statistic that only 30% of videos attract 99% of the viewers on YouTube. Following some simple steps, your video can join the many on YouTube with many viewers. However, increasing the number of views is not enough; you must engage with your subscribers in meaningful conversations that can mean money. Here are 10 basic steps that can make you successful on YouTube.

1. Don’t Overlook Metadata

Use of Meta Data is a critical in case good search results are needed. This can that makes a huge difference in terms of appearing in search results-with other videos in the same niche. I know, filling out all the boxes is a boring task, but choosing an appropriate description and headline will certainly give you good search results.

2. Annotations

Annotations should be used to drive the subscribers in the right direction. You can use them for adding additional text information, link to subscription box or link to other appropriate videos of your channel.

3. Tags

Don’t forget to add appropriate tags. Try to find out appropriate words that people use to search for video content in your niche and add those to your tags as well. This will certainly make your videos more visible in the search engines.

4. Be Creative About Thumbnails

YouTube offers custom thumbnails for YouTube partners only.  So, if you are a YouTube partner, take some time to create an attractive thumbnail.  But if you are not, then you will have to choose one of three predefined thumbnails. Keep in mind that people watch your videos for the content you created, not for your picture or company logo. So when creating thumbnails, more attention should be given to the topics in the video.

5. Regular Video Releases

Releasing videos at regular intervals is good for creating popularity among subscribers. Ensure you have consistency starting from the release schedule to the episode formatting and the episode description.  Give hints about the next episode to entice viewers and create also make the subscribers wait eagerly for the next video.

6. Keep It Short

Short videos are more effective because they send out the message within the viewers attention span. In case you have a lot of content, you should consider creating a series of videos. Budget your time in a way that best fits your contents. Losing the credit info may be a good way to go as you can add those in the description.

7. Align Content With Special Events

Try to schedule your video to coincide with holidays or special events. Based on these special days or events, create compelling contents that viewers can relate to. In addition, the details of that day or event should be posted in the description box so that it is indexed by the search engines.

8. Share The Video

Share your YouTube videos on your blogs, websites and social networks. You can also exchange links with peers and on your friends’ websites and your videos. Try to post the links of your other videos in the reply section. People will surely love to see what you recommend for them.

9. Response To Comments

Last, but not the least, save some of your time to be engaged with your fans. Respond to their comments. This usually makes a huge impact on subscribers.
Finally, be patient.  Viewers will not come to your channel automatically; you must spend time to get them. After a lot of trial and error, you will find out which configuration suits you best.

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi