How To Submit Your Website To Directories

How to Submit Your Website to Directories
Web directories act like a huge reference library for the internet. These directories consist of broad and narrow subjects arranged by topics of interest. In order for such web directories to quickly approve and accept a new site, they lay down specific policies on how webmasters should submit their links to the directories.

1. First Steps

Webmasters are usually advised to ensure that the website being submitted is appropriate for inclusion in a web directory. To do this, a webmaster must check whether the website they are managing is a mirror site with identical content to another existing submission. In case the sites with overlapping content are submitted, web directories usually delete all instances. Some webmasters usually disguise their URLs in order to submit the URL twice. This is a poor practice normally results in complete exclusion of the URL, because web directories are edited by humans and not crawlers.
Ensure that your site does not contain illegal content suck as child pornography,libel, and nay material that infringes on intellectual property. It is also not permissible for webmasters to submit websites that are still under construction. Web sites containing broken links or work under construction are not accepted.
Finally, websites that contain mostly affiliate links do not conform to the objective on web directories which is to provide users with links to quality and relevant content and as a result will also be excluded.

2. Confirm The Web Site URL Is Not Submitted

To save everyone time, it is advisable that you run the URL search for the website through to ensure that no such submission exists and also to avoid penalties like exclusion in case it does.

3. Identify Which Category Best Suits Your Site

Web directories have a huge number of categories where different subjects are arranged. Webmasters are supposed to submit their URLs to the categories that are most relevant. In case the web site is submitted to the wrong category, it can be removed or rejected. It is also important to identify if the category accepts URL submissions, and if not, any other alternative category that may be applicable.

4. Submit The URL

This is usually done by clicking on the ‘suggest a URL’ option and following any instructions that may be available. Web directories assume that you are not listing up on their service, but are suggesting a URL which they can accept or decline. Webmasters who handle a large number of websites should be aware that auto-submission software usually is considered a violation by many of the web directory hosts and can result in a ban.

5. Updating Your Submission

Approval sometimes takes time because this is done by hand. However, once the site is accepted and included, you can always update the title or description by sending an email to an editor. However, due the slow response and sometimes unsatisfactory responses, it is advisable that webmasters carefully prepare before filing out a URL suggestion to a web directory service.

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi