What Is Copywriting?

What is Copywriting?
Copywriting refers to the act of writing text intended for the purpose of marketing or advertising a product, service, entity, idea or even opinion. The aim of the written text is to draw the audience to buy into an idea or opinion or to buy a product or service that the written copy is pitching for.
A well written text, also know as copy in the copy writing world, can build a brand, help a business to focus their marketing message and drive consumers to act on the buy proposition. The copy should be written with the intention of being personal, persuasive and engaging.
Good copy provides tangible benefits to the reader, benefits they can act on resulting in  conversion for your business. It is also the main difference between businesses that run market-leading brands and those that don’t.
Excellent copy writing should offer the following for your brand:

1. The Correct ‘Voice’ For Your Business

Well-written copy should strike the right ‘note’ with your target audience, allowing them to relate to your brand’s message. This means that your copy should capture the imagination, show that you understand your clients’ needs, can relate to them and help them.The correct voice not only gets you new business but also acts as a guide to your sales and marketing team as they engage with clients.

2. A Professional Style

A person with excellent copy writing skills can efficiently manipulate content so that the copy targets the right audience, looks concise and reliable, emphasizes the right message, and makes you look successful as a brand.

3. Provides Communication Strategy

A well done copy can reveal the approach that your brand should take to capture the imagination of your audience. It maybe be using patriotism, love for the environment, keen interest in sports, shared community values or just aimless fun, your copywriter can set the tone of your communication strategy.

4. Consistency In Message And Tone

This is an important factor for continued brand credibility. A sudden shift in tone can appear as a show of unreliability on the part of your brand or as dishonesty. It is therefore important that your message is consistent to achieve the creation of a reliable, steady brand.

5. Lead Generation

Overt aggression in marketing should be avoided in the tone of your copy. This is because consumers can shy away from your brand if you come across too strong in your pitch or as trying too hard. Professional copy writing uses the gray areas of human behavior influence to subconsciously sell you to potential and repeat clients. This results in organic lead generation for your brand.

6. Focused Message

There is always the prevailing sense especially among start-ups to sell every value and utility that they offer in one message. Not only is this overwhelming to the audience, but it also produces poor results. Good copy writing practice builds up your brand consistently.

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi