Important Design Features for a Custom e-Commerce Store

Important Design Features for a Custom e-Commerce Store
Arguably the most important goal of an ecommerce store is to attract website visitors and increase what is called the conversion rate; the ratio of visitors viewing your content to those who take an action such as purchasing a product or signing up for a newsletter.  In order for a web store to increase conversions you need to make your ecommerce website easy to search, navigate and it must be secure.
One of reasons why security is essential is because you will be expecting customers to purchase via credit/debit cards, so they demand user friendly and simple interfaces they can trust.
You will find it quite a challenge to think of simple innovative solutions for your store to gain more market share over your existing competitors. The places where most store-owners have difficulty is with regards to what features their store should have, and above all what constitutes a successful store. You may have a store that sells hundreds of products a year, but do you know if you are successful? Should you be expecting to sell thousands of products or dozens of products per year. The vast majority of web store owners will not be able to answer this seemingly simple question.
An excellent custom e-commerce store developer however will be knowledgeable in what is take the unique selling points of your business and incorporate them into the design and development of your custom e-commerce store. This is where creativity, and not just programming expertise, becomes necessary.
Some of important design features are:

  • Simple, smart and catchy custom e-commerce store layout. The effective e-commerce is one that generates attention, and is interesting and more engaging to visitors.
  • If the layout of custom e-commerce store is acceptable, it should provide standardized functions to meet the customers’ needs to flexibly make selections. Product Categories & Subcategories should be easy to navigate.
  • Useful icons and links contribute to a visitor’s overall satisfaction; custom e-commerce stores should have links that provides information relating to appropriate items.
  • Very high level of security and reliability of an e-commerce store are the most important aspect, you can even have custom tax and shipping cost calculation options that can be used to calculate rates during checkout.

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi