The SEO Services Checklist That Helps You Avoid Search Engine Problems

Avoid Search Engine Problems
When you finish optimizing your website, it should be a search engine’s best friend. Now that SEO services are becoming a well practiced science, we share with you what the best brains behind SEO are doing to beat the competition and stay search engine friendly.

1.Submit Your Site To Search Engines

Search Engines go to places they know about. The first SEO service is introducing your site to the search engines. All you have to do is submit your home page. To do this, go to the search engine and submit the URL. Also ensure that your site has a site-Map. An HTML site map is made for both humans and search engines to help them easily find what they need.

2.Fast Reliable Hosting

Your website should be fast when being indexed and available to be indexed. The SEO analyst should advise in case a change in the provider is needed.

3.Rewrite Dynamic URLS

It is vital that your URLs are static like, rather than,. The reason is, dynamic URLs keep changing and these won’t be indexed. Changing to static URLs can get you up to 20% increase in traffic. Use ‘speaking’ URLs that are easy to understand and search engine friendly.

4.Make A Robots.txt File

The robots.txt file is only read by the search engine and specifically, will tell the robot not to visit pages that you don’t want them to find, e.g your shopping cart.

5.Fix Broken Links

When a search engine finds a broken link on a webpage, it may leave the website uncrawled, beating the purpose of you being found online. You can use plenty of link validator tools to check that this does not happen. Such tools direct you to where the link is broken and what you need to do to fix it.

6.Be Careful About Flash, Javascript Or Frames

Though they make your website look wonderful, your SEO analyst may need to find out the best way to avoid problems with search engines. For search engines, poor implementation of these features can mean your navigation is as bad as broken links. However, this problem is only rampant among beginner developers. These problems almost always exist on free site services that are done in Flash or created in such a way as to make them search engine unfriendly. Since people don’t have access to the code for these free services there is not much they can do.

7.Use CSS For Any On-page Graphics

For this, you can use CSS which makes your page look wonderful and also makes your navigation and your links more easily indexed and accessible via search engines.

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi