The Benefits of using social media for a small business

Social media for small business?

Social Media affects your small business in several ways.

Various statistics released by major marketing firms such as Nielsen show that social media and blogs dominate the time that majority of people in USA and Canada spend online. This is a clear indication to small businesses that social media is a vital, effective and cheap way to attract, capture and retain new clients. Social media can also be used to gauge the sentiments of new markets concerning various products or services with the aim of offering these to clients. If you have never known what benefits Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Linkedin can bring to your company, then here are some compelling reasons why you should be using these platforms.

1. Easy communication and client conversion

Just as it was a major plus for a company to have a well executed web site, it is now vital for small businesses to go social. A recent survey by Business Network International showed that as many as 75% of clients are ‘put off’ by businesses that have no social media presence. Why? Because today clients would rather Tweet than email – it’s specific and easy. Getting social can bring new business quicker.

2. Better customer relationships

Social media interactions are free and instant. It is a quick way to interact with your clients, increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

3. Increased visibility

Social media increases a business online presence.This means more conversions for a business as clients know about the business and visit the website. This is a cheap way to advertise that also gives the small businesses high return on investment.

4. Gain competitive advantage

Social media allows businesses to listen to their audience and find out about their needs. Following this, small businesses can craft the right message and acquire new customers.

5. Business leads

Using social media resources such as Twitter and LinkedIn directories are quick ways for businesses to find their ideal clients and to join their conversions. This also allows businesses to join the groups and conversions and understand their markets.

6. Create a human business

It is true that people buy from people and not from brands.For effective selling, social media creates a human contact with clients and allows them to connect with a brand more. Just as people pay for specialized service because the business knows them intimately, even so social media gives businesses the same reach.

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi