SEO Consultant Quick Checklist

SEO Consultant Quick Checklist
There are some basic services that an SEO consultant should provide to their clients. Sometimes these services are unknown and go unmentioned in SEO consultant agreements. It is vital that you are aware of the bare minimum due to your business when you contract an SEO consultant. Below is a checklist to help you select the best.

1. A reputation that precedes them

Every search for an SEO consultant inevitably begins either online or by asking for references from peers. All potential candidates should share with you their success stories and examples of their previous work.

2. Their Important SEO techniques

Now that you have a full repertoire of potential SEO’s works, the next thing on your list should be to understand what SEO techniques they employ. This should cover the basics of how they identify keywords to how they measure SEO impact.

3. How they communicate progress when working on a site

The SEO consultant should commit to regularly update you all the changes they make on your site, the reasons behind these changes and any recommendations that they a have.

4. Do they offer marketing services to complement organic search results?

Even the best SEO websites need to complement their organic search results with online marketing services. Having one consultant to handle both saves time and money and also allows the consultant to have a coherent approach to online marketing.

5. A run through of how they manage online business development campaigns

These are a little different from bland advertising and may include social media optimization, discounts coupons and promotion campaigns and any other efforts that don’t just revolve around SEO but are better handled by the same consultants who handle SEO and social media marketing.

6. Service level agreements

This is an important to agree what constitutes good work. The achievement of a set objectives commits your developer to certain levels of quality while at the same time making it clear what everyone’s role is.

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi