What Makes For Good Content For Your Website And In Copywriting?

What Makes for Good Content?

Apart from on-page SEO, there are some shared features that all top sites on search engine results possess. That’s what we hope to share with you in this article. Maybe you have been persuaded that SEO is extremely important. We take the view that SEO and good content are mutually beneficial, not mutually exclusive. Here are some of the features you need to be on the look out for.

1. Regular Updates

In case you have a website that lacks a blog, this is the time to begin one. Not only does it give you regular fresh content, such a practice is highly rewarded by the major search engines and your audience also get a chance at on-page interaction with you using commentaries.

2. Spelling And Grammar

Do not neglect this crucial discipline in writing good content for your website and in your copy writing. No one really knows whether some of the search engines actually carry out a spell checking run-through, however remember that when organic searches are performed, the vast majority of users almost always provide the search engine with  keywords that are correctly spelled.

3. Paragraph

Not only do these create order of thought and suggest an intuitive flow of ideas to your readers, but this also provides structure for writers to use keywords well and more naturally across the copy.

4. Interesting Content

No amount of search engine optimization can make up for boring plain text. As a writer, you should write compelling copy that leads readers to actively share it on social media. That way you also grow the number of authoritative links that end on your site from interested readers.

5. Write About What You Know Best

The online community may not be happy with incorrect information. You may get away with it initially, however, soon people reading your content will begin skipping your site on search results, and that would spell doom for your page.

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi