Top 10 email marketing tips

Top 10 email marketing tips
Email marketing makes it easy for brands and business to reach their audience without spending much money. However, the challenge remains acquiring the email addresses of prospective clients and sending them emails without spamming.

1. Make it easy for users to subscribe

Users or visitors to your website or social media page should have a form where they can sign up to receive email newsletters easily. A subscription form can be placed on a home page, blog or social media page. However, email marketers should avoid asking for too much information as this can scare the audience away.

2. Inform subscribers about what to expect

When signing up new users it is important to inform them of what to expect in their emails weekly, monthly, or otherwise. Some of this information should be clearly illustrated in the email, with as much helpful information as possible.

3. Send a Welcome Email

Welcome emails are courteous and also allow the subscriber co confirm their subscription for those cases where they did not subscribe to the emails themselves.

4. Keep it Short and Simple

Most readers are busy and may not be willing to spend considerable amounts of time going through content on email. Making the email short and precise is a strategic way to get readers to open and act on the emails you send them.

5. Design to Fit

Emails should be well branded from the start to ensure that readers are familiar with the brand from the start. For email marketers using a template, customizing the template is an important part of email marketing.

6. Email Marketing should be segmented

Email marketers should understand their target audience and send them content that they want to read. By sending different emails to different groups, email marketers can keep their target audience engaged and also achieve more as the audience receives relevant content they can relate to.

7. Maintain regular publishing

Sending emails regularly keeps the brand front of mind of the target audience. In case it takes a while before communication is continued, subscribers can your delete email next time you attempt to communicate with them.

8. Maintain enough time for testing and editing

When creating email newsletters, it is important to have adequate time for editing, creating great content and testing the layout of the mail on various testing programs. Testing can reveal any design mistakes before you send out your email to 1000 recipients.

9. Using Email Campaigns as a Dialogue

Email marketers should look to extend a dialogue with their audience. Relevant emails should be sent and the audience allowed to respond or extend their conversation to social media.

10. Check your Metrics

Emails management services can provide real-time information of the level of engagement that users have with your email, including what links were activated and which emails were opened.

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi