Guide To Finding A Directory Submission Company

Finding a Directory Submission Company

Building links to websites quickly is an important way to rank better on search engine result pages (SERP). Search engines look at the types of links that are placed on a website to determine the website’s reputation and increase a website’s visibility. Many companies offer directory submission services, but by looking over what each company proposes you can pick out the right company to work with for this very important aspect of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

1. Paid Directories

The first thing that your link building service should advise is whether to choose some paid directories. Paid directories last longer than free link directories which seem to delete the links after some time-probably a year. One well-known paid directory that is very highly recommended is Yahoo. A great many smaller directories use entries in the Yahoo directory so you gain a lot more than just a listing. It is important to work with directories that offer great impact over the long haul.

2. Niche Directories

The next thing that is vital when submitting links to directories is to separate the link directories you work with in two, namely general link directories and niche link directories. A professional directory submission company should know this. When looking at general directories, priority should be placed on major directories, starting with the older ones with a good reputation. However, niche directories also provide quality traffic for different industries. You can find directories for various niches using search engines and place your company in these directories.

3. Strategy On Varying Description

This is vital for both Meta tags and Directories. The descriptions for various pages on directories should contain unique content. Pages that use the same description reflect duplicate content, and this leads to the devaluation of your link from search engines. Also, avoid using branding terms, that tend to be repeated phrases used on most pages. The right directory submission company should be able to advise your company correctly when submitting content to various directory submissions.

4. The Right Research

Search engines don’t index every directory. It is important that research is done to make sure that search engines are indexing the website that you want to submit your links to.

5. Relevant Linking

This is important to achieve the right results for your website. Relevant directories should forward high quality traffic to your website.

6. Using Social Directories

Directory submission companies should also exhibit proficiency in the use of social directories. Social bookmarking sites also make a huge difference when it comes to link sharing across the internet. Critically evaluated, Facebook, twitter and Google plus are just link sharing sites, that should be used well.

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi