About Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

We want you to have your eyes wide open when it comes to Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Uptime guarantees are not a good indicator of a web hosting company’s performance. Some providers even offer 100% Uptime guarantees and of course when it comes to enforcing their guarantee it disappears like the Cheshire Cat’s smile. We want to keep our customer satisfaction rating at an unheard of 100% and our Uptime at a seemingly impossible to achieve 99.999%. We want this because we take pride in our level of service that our billion dollar corporate competitors can’t match. We understand however you want an SLA and ours is below. All we ask is, when you compare our SLA with another provider please check what they actually pay out (if anything) and what they achieve in Uptime in reality.

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) is only applicable to shared hosting customers with accounts in good standing. If this agreement conflicts with our Terms of Business in part or whole, our Terms of Business shall prevail.

DivisionX, Inc. shall use all reasonable commercial efforts to provide you with a minimum of 99.9% total Uptime in any calendar month. If we fail to achieve this total Uptime in any calendar month you may be eligible to receive Service Credits as described below.

We use Hyperspin, Inc. a third-party monitoring service. For the purposes of this agreement total Uptime is defined as that reported by Hyperspin, Inc. in their monthly reports of divisionx.com if these reports are shown to be error free.

Service Credits are 10% of your monthly hosting charges for every 0.1% below 99.9% Uptime capped at 100% of your monthly charges. You must apply for Service Credits within thirty days of when you became eligible to receive Service Credits. For example if your hosting charge is $100/month and we only achieved 99.5% Uptime in that month your service credit will be $50. Your maximum Service Credit will be $100.

Our Uptime SLA does not apply to issues caused by any factors outside of our control. This SLA is your sole and exclusive remedy in the event we do not achieve the stated Uptime.