What SEO Services Should I Be Looking For?

What SEO Services Should I Be Looking For?
As you set up your business online, it is important that you know the services you should expect from an SEO expert, whether outsourced or in-house. Here are some tips on how you can leverage SEO services to get the best page rankings in your field.

1. Market Research

Just as you need market research for your physical business, so also you need one for your online business. However, your main target for the search is to find out what your clients search for when they are online looking for your products or services.

2. Key Phrases That Convert

Part of the research results should be a brief knowledge of who are the market leaders as far as traffic is concerned and what key phrases they are using to convert. This will be important all through your SEO project.

3. Localised Keywords

The next thing is to have short localized keywords. The best length is two to three. There are tools to assist you with SEO services mostly provided for free by the large search engines.

4. Relevance(R)

The fastest way to kill your online credibility and effort is to promise what you don’t offer. Remember, search engines are devising creative ways to know if a site is delivering. Only use keywords that point directly to the value you offer your customers. SEO services you employ should guarantee relevance in the keywords.

5. Shortlist/Rank Using The Keyword Efficiency Index (KEI)

The Keyword Efficiency Index or KEI can be used to show how effective a Keyword is for bringing traffic to your web pages. You should use keywords with a high KEI for best results.

6. Utilize The Search Volume Data (SV)

Slowly you will begin to realize thatSEO services are possible because of the data available. Search volume points to the number of queries that are made for a keyword per period, typically one month. Again, tools for this are available from large search engines.

7. Get An Idea Of The Keyword Competition(C)

This basically refers to the number of competing web pages optimized to use the keyword. The fewer the number of sites using the keyword, the better your online traffic and the better the KEI.

8. Check Your Page Rank

The only way to set benchmarks for your SEO services is to evaluate the regularly with the actual results on search engines. It is true that great results don’t happen overnight but you will have a good way to measure them.

9. Content Creation Services

Now that you know exactly what keyword phrases constitute the normal usage in your market and the competitors are using, you can get SEO content writers to work on your website or just dive in yourself.

10. Leverage On Long Tail keywords

These are keyword phrases, having three-five words in them, used when a website wants to refine search terms to the web page, as well as when the person conducting the search is looking for very specific results. These keywords are highly specific, drawing less queries but higher quality traffic for the website. Normally, the logic for going for this type of search is higher rate of conversions to sales because in most cases the person conducting the search knows exactly what they want.

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi