WordPress Themes

Custom WordPress Themes

A WordPress theme basically controls what your site looks like and there are a wide range of options that exist on WordPress ready made for you to use. Read more

Facebook Apps And Pages

Get Your Business On Facebook – And Attract More Potential Customers

Facebook is the new battleground for marketing – and it is a battleground where the small player, unusually, has an advantage over the big corporations. Read more

Mobile Websites

This Is The Fastest Growing Area Of E-commerce

The future of e-commerce is on mobile devices. Smartphones, tablets – and the next generation of devices, which are already on their way. Read more

Important Design Features for a Custom e-Commerce Store

Important Design Features for a Custom e-Commerce Store
Arguably the most important goal of an ecommerce store is to attract website visitors and increase what is called the conversion rate; the ratio of visitors viewing your content to those who take an action such as purchasing a product Read more

Mobile web design essentials

Social media for small business?
Most Mobile websites are built after the main website-for desktop and computer monitors- has been developed. As a result they are usually set up by optimizing the website for desktops to make it viewable for mobile devices. Read more

How to create Facebook tabs for business

How to create Facebook tabs for business
Facebook apps are important for businesses because they allow the sharing of a richer user experience while at the same time managing the content that users can see when they visit the page. Read more

The Difference Between Custom E-commerce Solutions & Hosted E-commerce Solutions

Hosted vs Custom e-Commerce solutions
In this article we will discuss the difference between custom e-commerce solutions and hosted e-commerce solutions.
Read more

Why Choose a Custom e-Commerce Store When You Can Get Cheaper Hosted Solutions?

Why Choose a Custom e-Commerce Store
E-commerce solutions are in great demand and there is a wide range of solutions that are being offered. E-Commerce may be considered as the sales aspect of electronic business. Read more