What are the benefits of link building?

What are the benefits of link building?
To attract the right kind of traffic for a website, link building is used to give a website great visibility or ranking on search engine result pages. Various types of links are used to achieve this including backlinks which can result in an increase in the “reputation” of a website for the purposes of search engine ranking. There are several reasons why link building has immense benefits for a business online.

1. Helps your site to gain a good reputation

If a websites has other good authority websites linking to them they increase the site’s reputation with search engines and indicate to search engines to rank the site higher. Good authority sites are determined by search engines and are generally national and governmental sites and respected publishers. When visitors online make searches, they are then more likely to see your website and click on it.

2. Credibility

Popular search engines also partially rank your website based on the links you connect to. It is important to place links on websites with high credibility as well.

3. Link building optimizes an entire site

Following a successful link building campaign, search engines index all pages allowing an entire website to be optimized, page by page. Webmasters can create back links for as many web pages as they see fit. However, it is important to use the right links – those most relevant to a website to prevent penalization by search engines. It is also important that this is not doe too aggressively since a flood of back links in a short time does not always have a positive effect.

4. Increased volume of traffic

As a website becomes more visible on search engine result pages, it benefits from increased traffic volumes. As long as the website is linked to the right kind of websites – those most relevant, then there will be increased traffic of users interested in the services or products that the website is providing.

5. Higher conversion rates

Web sites that attract high quality traffic as a result of the links they have see increased conversion rates. This will also depend on whether the website has the right on-page conversion features such as clear a call-to-action on each page and the exact product or service that the client wants – which should be easy if the website is well designed.

6. A wider web presence

As visitors to web sites that you link to see information concerning your website, they not only know about you, but are most likely to visit. As more people visit and talk about your site through social media, the presence of your web site online grows leading to better traffic and conversions.

7. Growing brand

A well ranking web site that sees high conversion rates online also grows its online brand, This is a great way to continue the success already established.

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi