10 Tips for Online Marketing using Pay per Click

10  tips for PPC marketing
The time and money it takes to run a PPC campaign can be overwhelming for some brands. Hence getting a good return on investment is usually pursued by many PPC managers to justify their commitment to online advertising.

1. Running a negative campaign

Internet marketers use negative keywords to keep the number of interested clients who click on the advert low. For instance, a new car salesman can include the word ##Q##used##Q## in their ad copy even when they actually sell new cars. When used often and in a correct way, negative keywords can limit the number of people who click the advert to only serious buyers saving money on the PPC campaign.

2. Limit the PPC campaign to the location it should be viewed in

PPC budgets can be well used if the adverts run are viewed and clicked on by the right target group. Google and Bing & Yahoo offer geo-location features in their PPC platforms that allow users to target their markets based on geo-specific keywords and IP addresses.

3. Attractive Call-to-action phrases

The competition for online traffic is intense. To beat it, advertisers can use attractive features such as free downloads and discounts to draw in more clients.

4. Keyword Optimized PPC campaign

The PPC campaign should be tied to the websites SEO campaign to yield the best results. SEO ensures that only those audience that search for the key phrases in your advertising campaign see the advert. This reduces the cost of running the campaign and increases the conversion rate for traffic to your site.

5. Using Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are 3 to 4 word phrases that are specific to a product or industry. Long tail key words are not a popular choice for novices and as a result the cost per click for them is lower. For greater impact, long tail keywords can be used with high intent words such as ##Q##buy##Q## and ##Q##price.##Q##

6. Create a Landing page

The Home page is not a landing page. Landing pages pick up right where the advert left off and should include one call to action only per advert campaign to achieve the purposes of the campaign.

7. Grow the competitive score

Advertisers can plan their PPC campaign to target small groups that focus on 10 or 15 keywords. This has the effect of increasing the relevance of the ads, improving the click through rate of adverts and improving the quality score on search engines.

8. Effectively separate search and content ad placements

Search network placements refer to PPC ads that are placed in search result pages while content network placement refers to PPC ads that run within web pages. Advertisers should test both to discover which ads work best with their objectives.

9. Use of precise tracking Technology

Precise tracking is one of the main benefits of PPC advertising allowing advertisers to know what ad texts are compelling, which PPC campaigns are producing the most results, which landing pages have the best conversion rates and what times provide the best online traffic.

10. Your PPC manager

Although technology can make PPC campaign management look like a walk in the park, organizations and brands that get the most out of it, choose a PPC manager to optimize their online efforts.

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi