Web Design

1. Expressing Your Unique Character

Branding is an important part of your website and your business presence. It is not just a question of picking something you think looks nice or is clever or whizzy (though it might be all of these). Read more

WordPress Design

Wordpress Design

Customising WordPress For Fun and Profit

WordPress is an open source blogging and content management system (which basically means it is free software) which is also simple to use and has many features. Read more

Mobile Websites

This Is The Fastest Growing Area Of E-commerce

The future of e-commerce is on mobile devices. Smartphones, tablets – and the next generation of devices, which are already on their way. Read more

3 Most Important Design Features For A Custom E-commerce Store

More Important Design Features for a Custom E-commerce Store
Design features unique to eCommerce websites reveal the refined  knowledge collected from years of practice in the industry and from research and experience borrowed from major successes such as eBay, Amazon and more. Read more

Common Custom Website Design Pitfalls And How To Avoid Them

Website Design Pitfalls
It is important to hire the right talent for your custom website design. Not only do you get noticed, but your presence online is more meaningful for your bottom-line. Read more

Mobile web design essentials

Social media for small business?
Most Mobile websites are built after the main website-for desktop and computer monitors- has been developed. As a result they are usually set up by optimizing the website for desktops to make it viewable for mobile devices. Read more