3 Most Important Design Features For A Custom E-commerce Store

More Important Design Features for a Custom E-commerce Store
Design features unique to eCommerce websites reveal the refined  knowledge collected from years of practice in the industry and from research and experience borrowed from major successes such as eBay, Amazon and more.
One of the goals of an eCommerce store owner is to attract website visitors and increase what is called the conversion rate – the ratio of visitors who take an action such as purchasing a product or signing up for a newsletter. In order for a web store to achieve a high rate conversions it must be designed to be easy to use, easy to navigate and secure to carry out cash transactions on.
The design of an eCommerce website must consider the shoppers online experience and ensure it is seamless and intuitive. Here are the top three features that appear in the most successful e-stores.

1. Easy Navigation Of Products

The components that users are constantly interacting with while on your site is the navigation. The online shopper should browse different sections of the website quickly and intuitively. A well designed navigation menu saves time, gets the shopper to what they want quickly and once happy, you have a higher probability of seeing purchases from them. A popular way to implement navigation is to use a vertical menu which allows the webmaster to include more links compared to a horizontal menu. If you have many products then adding a search box that quickly gets the customer to the right product should be your number one priority.

2. Robust And Versatile eCommerce Platform

One major factor that leads to a successful eCommerce store is adaptability. New technology is always being developed and new services are constantly being added. With this is mind, it is important that a business developing an e-store picks a platform that is flexible and adaptable. It is therefore essential that your store is supported at the programming level so you can add new and unique features for your business, or integrate third-party services that boost sales.

3. Special Site Features

Even though eCommerce sites serve the same purpose, your store needs to stand out among your competitors. A good example may be the need for refined search that allows shoppers to specify what they are looking for and narrow down on the options that your website should provide.

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi