10 Pay Per Click Marketing Essentials

10 PPC marketing essentials
Not all pay per click campaigns are the same. Some have better returns compared to others. And this is usually as a result of how the campaign is organized and executed. Some adverts are better that others when it comes to how they are planned and this automatically results in better performance compared to competing adverts. Creating compelling adverts allows brands to make an impact within a very short time, and as a result get the necessary website traffic and click through rates.

1. Have A Clear Call To Action And Attractive Features

To increase the rate of participation of users, adverts should have a clear call to action and should advertise the most important features and benefits of a brand.

2. The Use Of Compelling Text

When writing advertising text, the writer should use compelling text that makes use of the best features and offers of the product. These should be placed on the header of the text to immediately grab attention.

3. Adhere To Character Allocation Sizes

When writing ad copy, the advertising should adhere strictly to the header and body character limits. Otherwise, excess characters can be cut off, leading to an incoherent message.

4. Experiment With Different Options

It is advisable for advertisers to try the different bidding options for PPC based on their budgets and objectives. It is only by testing that one can come up with the right strategy.

5. Know Your Competitors

In PPC, it pays to know what the competitors are up to. By knowing what the competition is up to and learning from their strategies, a brand can also improve its online PPC campaigns. There are some spy software available that internet marketers can use including spyfu.com

6. Advertise At The Right Times

Metrics for PPC campaigns should be observed to identify the right rimes for campaigns. The times that show the high click rates and low conversions should be avoided.

7. Test Ads Against Each Other

Testing advertisements against each other is an effective way to optimize a PPC campaign. After a short time, a good test should show the better performing ad. Advertisers should pause or cancel the poorly performing advert and continue to run the successful advert.

8. Dynamic Keyword Search

PPC marketers place the exact phrases seacrhed into their ad copy so that when the target audience sees the advert with the exact phrase they are able to click immediately. This is not usually advisable for nove PPC advertisers as it can drain ppc budgets quickly and have low conversion rates.

9. PPC Tracking Features

By using the tracking features available on most PPC platforms such as Google, webmasters can identify the rates of conversion of their campaign and modify their plans accordingly. By monitoring a PPC campaign, it is easy to get rid of information or ads that do not convert while creating similar content for the ones that do.

10. Geographical Targets

Highly converting PPC campaigns are specific in terms of their locations. This can help in saving PPC dollars by ensuring that the ads placed speak to specific audiences only.

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi