10 useful Keyword tools

10 Useful Keyword Tools
Many websites are usually optimized for search engine rankings using generic keywords. That is no longer a working strategy because the amount of competition on generic keywords is large and search engines are now using localized (read specific) keywords to provide relevant results to users. As a result, using the right tools to narrow down on the most relevant and highly converting collection of keywords is necessary and important.

1. Google Ad words

This keyword search tool from Google provides a potent platform for generating keyword ideas. With the Ad words Keywords tools users can get specific keywords that have a positive impact on online natural traffic and ad generated traffic, leading to better conversions.

2. Uber Suggest

This keyword tool combines Keyword suggestions from various sources such as Google to provide webmasters with a wider variety of suggestions to explore. This tool can get suggestions from web search, news, video and shopping.

3. Google trends

The Google Trends tool allows webmasters to look at the search volume associated with particular periods of time. This is beneficial in estimating the long term popularity of a key phrase or keyword, and also allows users to compare different search terms over the same periods.


The SEOMOZ keyword difficulty tool is now only available through subscription, probably highlighting its great utility in providing data on keyword terms, competitive analysis on various keywords and more. The tool provides on-page recommendations, rank tracking and online marketing guides.

5. SEMRush

SEMRush is a paid service that allows users to search through organic keywords, identify competitors in organic search, get a report of Ad word keywords and competitors and also study the Ad text competition.

6. KeywordSpy

KeywordSpy also provides a variety of keyword search terms that users can make use of to identify highly relevant, converting words. Users can access PPC intelligence data, organic intelligence data and affiliate intelligence data.

7. Bing & Yahoo

This keyword tool is also a great solution for gathering keyword data and boasts of upto 6 months of data to look through. Bing can produce keyword suggestions in different languages too.

8. WordStream Keyword Tools

Wordstream take a different approach when it comes to keyword research and suggestions, preferring to provide readers with a stream of keywords for use. They also provide unique, extensive and relevant suggestions for users. Included in their service are keyword niche finder, grouper, negative keyword finder and content creation tools.

9. MajesticSEO

Majestic SEO does a very Good job of providing backlink information for any given domains. This is usually useful for monitoring website backlinks especially when doing research on your competitors.

10. Klout for Social Share Reach

Klout is a quick way to understand a brand social media influence. Klout is a free way to measure, most importantly, how brands are influenced by their most passionate fans.

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi