Why Is A Custom E-commerce Store The Best Solution For Your Business?

A lot of entrepreneurs are looking for ways to achieve success for their businesses online. There are a lot of options to choose from. However, making decisions on the best paths to take remains a great challenge.
According to a research, in 2012 the number of Internet users worldwide reached 2.27 billion, almost exactly twice what it was in 5 years ago.
Imagine the possible number of people looking for the product you are selling? As long as a fraction of these people become aware of what your business sells; the potential for doing business is enormous. Already, 644,275,754 active website (see Netcraft’s March 2012 survey) are transacting with these people, and you should too.
Together with SEO ( Search Engine Optimization), setting up a custom e-commerce store is the best solution for your business. While there are different ways of advertising your products, this solution remains the most effective, providing a large impact in a short time over a large geographical spread. Why? To answer that question, here are some benefits your business can enjoy by using a custom e-commerce platform:

1. Cost Relative To Traditional Media

The cost of setting up a custom e-Commerce platform is lower in the present and over the medium to long term- when compared with traditional media. When the costs needed to pay for development and running of a Radio or TV commercial for a 30 second advertisement are calculated and the impact reviewed, the cost of a custom e-commerce store is lower and gives long term effects. The store remains in operation for much longer.

2. Uniqueness

A custom designed e-commerce solution is modeled to provide unique solutions to a particular business model – resulting in more satisfied clients, more sales and a greater online credibility or reputation. As a result, custom designed e-Commerce websites are usually a good fit for the target market. Proper use of this solution will make your business grow faster.

3. Conversion/Leads

Having a custom e-Commerce website allows a business process to be implemented despite any unique characteristics in vital steps such as the sale process. An innovative and creative e-Commerce solution can lead to higher conversion rates eventually to profit. Custom e-commerce websites are also built with social media optimization in mind allowing social media strategies to be used in internet marketing.

4. Control

Custom e-Commerce solutions allow the client to fully control the design, and features. As the owner, you have all the rights for your business for any kind of modification that needs to be done on the platform.

5. Customer’s Trust

Custom built websites contribute greatly to consumer confidence by giving the website credibility and reputation. Once a client gains the confidence that a website is genuine- through how they experience the website, users can be convinced that your website has the quality it promises.
These are just some of the reasons why deploying a custom e-commerce store is the best solution for your business. One thing is for sure, there is an increase in the number of  internet users every day. Keep in mind that the more prospects you have the more chances that your business will grow.

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi