Top 5 Characteristics of Great Company Logos

Great Company Logos
You have probably come across a company logo that stuck with you for a while. It was memorable, and powerful enough to evoke memories of the last time you used the company’s products or services. In some cases, it may have served as a reminder for you to pick up fresh supplies of their products. That is the power in a logo. Here are some of the characteristics that make some logos great:

1. Timelessness

Great logos have existed for years, acquiring instant recognition in any country in the world. One important idea that is well implemented in these logos is the ability to stay fresh over tens of years. When designing a logo, it is vital that the logo is designed to beat the test of time.

2. Adaptability

Simple logos are easily adaptable. These logos easily fit on the back of a business card, on stationery, on websites and digital media and even as tattoos – in cases where you acquire diehard fans. And you will. It is a key consideration that the logo you come up with is usable everywhere.

3. Strongly Unique

This requires some sense of great creativity. It may mean that you have more than one idea submitted and maybe even some ideas put together to form the final logo. However, unique logos are memorable and this has the amazing impact of also setting your business apart from the competition. Just like what the Starbucks Logo has done for their business.

4. Appropriate

Different businesses need different cultures to thrive and do well in their markets. This invariably means that they will settle for different styles for their logos. Take a technology form for instance. Having a simple yet sophisticated logo goes a long way in conveying the true nature and culture of the company. Choose a logo that sends the right signal into your market.

5. Less is More

It is general practice to have elegant logos with a maximum of two colors and one font in case of font based logos. There is some critical thinking driving this trend. The human eye avoids  too many contrasting colors/objects and tends to settle on objects that are softer to look at. That should be your logo, simple enough for people to love looking at it and sophisticated enough to make it memorable.

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi