Web Design

1. Expressing Your Unique Character

Branding is an important part of your website and your business presence. It is not just a question of picking something you think looks nice or is clever or whizzy (though it might be all of these). What you really want is something that says something about you – what you do, what you offer and value, how you wish to appear to customers. And something that stands out, that is unique and memorable.

2. Logo Design

If you already have a logo and color scheme we can use it to generate designs using the same or complementary colors. If you don’t have a logo we can design one for you. We will generate a number of logo designs based on your initial brief and our considered assessment of your needs. These will probably cover a variety of styles and feel until we can home in on the appropriate concept. The number of initial ideas and revisions is based on your original budget provision but once we have agreed a design we allow unlimited revisions until we reach the desired goal.

We have a team of experienced designers drawn from a range of backgrounds and areas from business to entertainment. We can design a web site that suits your specific market and audience and will have that unique look and feel that you need to compete. Over the years we have simplified the mechanics of this, so creating a unique design from scratch has become a smooth and relatively painless process for our customers. Our designs are also developed to be search-engine friendly.

3. Facelift For Your Website

If you have an existing site or layout that you are happy with but you just want to update your site we can do what we call a “facelift”. This is a less complicated and time-consuming process than a complete re-design since we will be using many of the existing elements of your site and just realigning them to your goals. In fact, the process is sometimes called ‘realigning’. This solution is especially effective if you already have a site template or content management system in place.

4. Themes, Skins, and Templates

We can design themes and skins for almost any of the major content management, publishing and billing systems from Joomla to WHMCS. However due to its popularity and flexibility we have a team whose specialize in creating WordPress themes.

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi