WordPress Design

Wordpress Design

Customising WordPress For Fun and Profit

WordPress is an open source blogging and content management system (which basically means it is free software) which is also simple to use and has many features. Initially the system was just used for blogging but, as it has grown and extended, it has become more of a content management system. Now there is a vast array of plug-ins developed both by fans and official developers. These give extended functionality and appearance features to the software and its growing flexibility and power have made it an ideal tool for designing and holding websites and give you direct control over your website and content.

One of the great bonuses to the software is that you can simply add pages at will with little effort involved. This helps in keeping your content updated and fresh which is very beneficial when it comes to SEO and search rankings. New content scores well with the search engines and, consequently you will appear higher in searches and attract more visitors and, ultimately, more paying customers.

Of course, with such a popular and easily accessible system, there are some drawbacks. There are continual updates and upgrades which often lead to incompatibility or corruption in the system and it is a constant target for hackers and others who can damage or corrupt the software.

All that said, WordPress themes are the perfect starting point for businesses who are new to the web or who have an existing static website and want to graduate to a more dynamic site where they can control and enhance the content. It only takes 5 minutes to install WordPress, so it really is pretty simple and there is plenty of support on the site and from web hosting partners and support forums that have been set up to deal with using the platform.

When your business wants to progress to eCommerce on the web, your WordPress site can also be easily integrated into our own eCommerce suite to provide a seamless connection between website and blog. We can also carry the design and templates of any existing static site over to a blog so maintaining your corporate look and material while offering the enhanced features and flexibility of WordPress.

If you don’t want the continuing hassle of maintaining your site, handling updates and upgrades and making sure your interface remains clean and functional – we can do all of this for you. We will manage all the technology and ensure security updates are made regularly, protect your data and set-up by backing up your site regularly, and secure your WordPress installation against hackers. We can also add social features and make sure your pages appear on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi