WordPress Themes

Custom WordPress Themes

A WordPress theme basically controls what your site looks like and there are a wide range of options that exist on WordPress ready made for you to use. Alternatively, you can choose to make your own theme- or customize one of the WordPress options to your own needs and standards.

If you really want to stand out from the crowd the custom route is the one to take. You can then ensure that the design you come up with doesn’t look like anyone else’s and reflects your business’s unique style and offer. Taking this option also means that you can tailor the functionality to your exact needs and don’t need to rely on themes that don’t provide exactly what you need and force you to compromise on the way your site looks or works.

One of the main issues on WordPress is support. The system is continually changing and being updated and often this means that existing sites and themes don’t work as well after an upgrade, and sometimes not at all – this is called the “White Screen of Death”. The system is also liable to corruption after upgrades and is also the target for hackers and saboteurs. All of these potential problems increase the difficulty of maintaining your site on the system at a viable level. Using WordPress may be simple but maintaining and extending it, is not.

Fortunately the flexibility that Word Press offers should encourage you to want to keep your site fresh and vibrant incorporating new elements, offers or designs on a regular basis to reflect either changing marketplaces or changes in your business that you wish to give prominence to. We offer a total service in this respect where we will take on the initial design and layout but also look after all the maintenance, updates, upgrades and any other issues that occur that might affect or compromise the proper working or impact your site. WordPress can be a very powerful tool in the right hands. And we have many right hands waiting to provide the right service for you!

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi