Logo Design

Logo Design

Get The Logo You Want – With Unlimited Concepts, Unlimited Revisions From A Company That Is Going To Be There For The Long Term

Anyone can give you a logo. But who else will give you unlimited concepts, unlimited revisions, and that long-term relationship which means your logo is nurtured and maintained over a period of time? And all at an affordable price? That is what sets us apart from the rest.

What we aim to give you is a logo that works, a logo that fits you and your business – and a logo that you can come back to and tweak in the future. We can do this because we have designers who are committed long-term, who listen to the client and who are collaborative workers. So you get what you want – and what works – at a competitive price from people who are with you for the long-term. Your success is our success – so we have to make it work.

A logo is an important part of your company identity. It is the visible representation of your company image and ethos. It says what you are and do, and what you stand for. A good logo can fix you in someone’s mind as a business to remember or a company they would like to work with.

At DivisionX we look to design a logo for your company that makes you stand out from your competition and raises your brand and profile in the marketplace. A logo that says – we are good at what we do, friendly, efficient, up-to-date. Whatever it is important for your company to convey.

And we do this in collaboration with you. We don’t just pluck designs out of the air or get fixed on our own ideas regardless of what you want. We find out about your business; what your company does, what is stands for and supports, what you like and what you don’t; what you want to say and offer to customers.

Then we will get even more specific information from you – colors you prefer, what type of font you might favor, logos that you already like, shapes that might fit into the uses you have in mind – website, stationery, promotional material and so on; until we have a complete picture of what you and your company need.

Only then will we come up with initial suggested designs for you to consider. And we won’t just give you a few variations on the same theme so you don’t really have much choice. We will provide a broad selection of styles so you can genuinely decide which sort of direction you want to go in. We will then produce another set based on your initial preferences and keep on doing this until we capture just the right design tone and style that suits you and your business totally. And, if you’re not completely bowled over with your logo – we’ll do it again until you are!

The aim of DivisionX designers is to take you way beyond where you thought you could go. If you thought you might get a passable logo – we’ll give you a great one. We want to give you the “wow” factor – and to get there as quickly as possible so you can start building your company image and presence right away. So, why not give us a ring now so we can start the process and get your company on the ladder to success

Our premium logo design package includes unlimited number of revisions within the design period, and we can also offer market research and focus groups that assesses the impact and effect of logo design options in your target markets.

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi