Keyword Research

Keywords – The Difference Between Success And Failure For Your Online Business

There is little point in doing online marketing and advertising if you don’t know which keywords will work for your company and product.

There is so much competition for attention on the web that you have to optimize your SEO marketing activity and keyword research and accuracy is the only way to do this. If you choose the wrong ones you will be wasting your money. Get it right and you could be up there competing with the high ranking sites. And this means high exposure, high click-through and the chance to convert thousands of visitors into customers.

When buying these services you should be looking for webmasters who use a number of different techniques to establish what will work best for you. If you get offered an “off the shelf” solution you are not going to get the best outcome. Finding keywords that lead to visitors – and visitors who convert to sales – is not as simple as just finding relevant keywords. It can be hard work and take lots of time testing and comparing, using paid keywords. You might be able to fast-track some of the process if you really have a lot of experience, your site has been around a long time and you have been tracking visitors. Otherwise there can be a lot of trial and error to determine exactly what works for you and your business.

Here at DivisionX we spend time getting alongside your business and understanding its products, services and ethos. If you have a competitive advantage that can be reflected in SEO, we will find and use it. We will research specific keywords and their usage in relation to your business and the area in which it operates and identify which ones perform best in SEO. This determines the keyword value and enables you to prioritize words and phrases in your content.

We will also use a number of tools that not only make suggestions for keywords that might be relevant to your business but also generate analysis on the usage of those words in searches and the keywords used by your competition to establish which are the best. Gauging the competitive position in relation to keywords and the sector your business is operating within is another important task that we will undertake. It is critical to understand the market you are in and what you will need to do to compete effectively there. It might be that you need to select a niche strategy initially to get a foothold; in other words instead of going for the whole market or the highest profile end, you go for something more defined and specialized. Keyword analysis can give you pointers as to where this might be.

There is also the issue of “negative” keywords. Words, and combinations especially, that you want to avoid because they will bring you click-throughs that you don’t want but are paying for. Once we have put your site through all these filters we will then trial the result and see how it performs in the real world before signing it off.

If you are going to compete on the internet – and why be there if you aren’t – you need this sort of customized service to get you off the ground. It might not get you to the top right away but it will give you a good platform. And website marketing is a long game with big rewards if you do it properly. We can help you achieve this. Why not ring us now for a free, no-obligation critique of your site?

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi