SEO Copywriting

1. An Art And A Science

Copywriting is an art and a science; don’t just think that you can just write any old description of your organization, products or services and people will read it and respond. If it doesn’t engage, inform – even entertain – they will very quickly switch off.

It is an art and a science because you need to have the experience and craft to be able to fashion the right sort of content for your site and express your thoughts and offers in ways that people will find appealing, so there is a strong creative element.

But it is also a science because the effectiveness of certain approaches and the use of particular terms, layouts, structures are proven to work and can be tested, replicated and adjusted to maximize the effectiveness of your site.

Increasingly, the sites that are well thought out, well-structured and well written will be the ones that succeed amid the hubbub and explosion of websites that has been happening on the web in recent years.

2. No Substitute For Experience

We have fifteen years’ experience of doing this for customers of all sizes, in many different sectors and with a wide range of products. We know what works and how to put together content that reflect your concept and vision, while making sure it is attractive and clear to customers. And, most importantly, that it motivates them to buy.

We will take your ideas, your technical data, your company information – whatever you want to give us, and help you develop it into killer copy for your website.

Copy that will really hit the spot with users;

will make them want to read on to the decision point;

will make them feel like you are just the business to meet their needs;

and, most of all, will make them want your product.

But we won’t just stop there. We continually test and monitor how different copy and layouts work allow you to try different elements – bigger phone numbers, different types of offer, positioning important messages in various parts of the page, targeting specific segments with specific messages and landing pages. All of these things can contribute to a successful site – and a site should be continually changing and adapting to user needs and the changing marketplace. You need to have scientific data to make sure the tweaks and changes you make are positive and beneficial and not detrimental to your overall performance, conversion, revisiting and so on.

We can provide tools, analysis and guidance to help you with all of this so you can begin to understand the sorts of language and messages that work, where they are best positioned, how to make them stand out and influence the viewer. All this is achievable with careful trialing and manipulation and analysis of data.

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi