1. An Essential Element

These are essential elements of any online marketing strategy and they are the ways of ensuring that your website gets ranked as highly as possible on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines and so gaining you the highest profile on the web to attract users and, ultimately, customers.

The basics of the discipline is that you structure and develop your site content in a way that search engines and their “spiders” or “web crawlers” like and will recognize and rank your site highly. This might sound easy but it is now a very complex and detailed science that needs expert consideration and application.

2. Adapting To Competition

There is massive competition for rankings now with literally millions of businesses on the web vying for attention. Google are continually modifying, refining and revising their systems and guidelines and you need to keep up to speed or you can quickly fall foul of their rules – which can actually have quite drastic consequences. And as the competition gets smarter, more sophisticated and more intricate your site needs to keep up, to adapt, to grow, to develop.

Static sites very quickly fall into disuse and oblivion. Sites need to be renewed, updated, enhanced on a regular basis to keep those contacts coming in.

In addition, we will promote your site on local listings and web guides such as CitySearch, Yahoo local etc. Even if you are not strictly a local business these sites will help your search engine ranking and need to be included in your SEM strategy.

DivisionX have extensive experience of doing all of this for our clients and, importantly, we keep abreast of all the latest developments, making sure that your website is as advanced and competitive as it can be – so you don’t have to worry about it. Nothing really stands still on the web – you are either growing or shrinking.

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi