Inbound Marketing

1. Content Aimed At Attracting Visitors

This is where you create content on your site such as articles, videos, blogs etc. that are relevant to your target market. This material can then be distributed to many other sites acting as a link and promotion for your business. A prime example of a site where you can publish videos is of course Youtube. The content then links back to your own site and hence the term Inbound Marketing.

This form of marketing can be as simple as writing an article and as complicated as creating a whole website dedicated to a specific topic. The main point of inbound marketing is not to directly sell. It is to create interest, inform and engage potential clients who then view your company as a leader or expert in the field.

2. Be Wary Of Software Tools

One of the issues with this type of marketing has been the creation of ‘content farms’ by less scrupulous marketeers. This means that instead of creating their own original content they grab content from different sources and so quickly create many pages on a given topic. The latest changes to Google’s algorithms have been aimed at penalizing such behavior. So to really affect your ranking you need to create your own content and not just reuse material that has been copied exactly. You can purchase software that will perform this operation for you but you should think carefully before using this avenue. If you rewrite, enhance or recreate in a new form, material from any source, you can bypass the programs that search for plagiarized content and, ultimately this will be better for your website and your business.

This form of marketing can, therefore, be very complex and time-consuming – but it can also be very rewarding. We can provide you with relevant original articles and white papers or market your own material for you. We can create niche web sites to target specific customer profiles; and we have access to a pool of acting talent to create business or informational videos. The ultimate aim of this form of campaign is for your content to go viral. And, if you should achieve this, the rewards can be mega.

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi