Directory Submission

We Will Get You Into The Directories That Will Help You Grow And Keep You Away From The Wrong Ones That May Harm Your Business

When someone searches on Google, Bing or another of the search engines, the results they get are determined by a number of factors. If you know what these factors are and how to use them, you can get your business placed much higher in rankings. One of the critical determinants of ranking is inclusion in directories and which ones you pick can determine the fate of your website on search engines for a long time.
Get it right and you have every chance of progressing up the list. That’s because many smaller directories get their content from the major directories so getting the right listing has a knock-on effect. Get it wrong and you can find yourself demoted, bombarded with spam – even blacklisted. This can happen especially when you take cheap or free services. They might seem like a good thing at the time but they can cause lasting damage to your ranking.

The top 3 places in rankings are much sought-after as this increases your chances of click-throughs tremendously; but you certainly want to be on the first page of results as few people read beyond that in search results.

There are several types of directory your business could appear in – paid and free, general and niche – and not all of them are used by search engines to determine ranking. You need to have someone who knows when it is worth paying for a directory entry, which ones to go to and how and where to include your business details. As search engines become smarter they also become more selective and are now using location as a main determinant of ranking for particular searches. So you also need to have links to local directories that serve your geographic area region or to the regionalized section of general or other directories.

Here at DivisionX we know all the sources that search engines use to decide ranking places and the best way to use these to get your business placed higher.

Another of the factors that carries weight with search engines is how many websites with good reputations and wide usage are linking to your website. This means sites like the BBC, CNN, government websites and those of educational establishments and official organizations who are well-known and respected, as well as the bona fide, recognized directory sites, need to be considered and used wisely.

DivisionX webmasters know all of these sites (and there are many hundreds of them) and will link your website into the most effective and relevant ones to give you the maximum score when the rankings are assessed. So why not contact us to find out exactly what we can do for you?

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi