Email Marketing

1. A Very Powerful Tool In Your Marketing Toolkit

Email marketing can be a very powerful tool in the right hands. It combines traditional marketing skills in copywriting, message targeting and list-building with the new media to produce a very potent sales weapon. Using a combination of imaginative and engaging sales copy, informative material and promotional offers or newsy items you can attract, inform and even amuse clients – and can significantly increase the links to your site.

There are many factors involved in a good campaign and frequency is an important part. If you send out too many emails then they get in the way of people’s everyday work they are likely to be junked. Too few and your targets won’t remember or become engaged. The trick is to produce content that is useful or interesting to the end-user but subtly influences or persuades them to use your product or service.

2. Not Just Sales Copy

Simple sales copy is not likely to work, but a clever blend of information, news and offers just might. Create some value with your email and people will come back for more. So have something worthwhile to say, some useful or interesting fact to impart – and you could create something that people will want to refer to and keep, even pass around.

The delivery format of your emails also matters. Much of the spam on the web has features very similar to email newsletters so it is important to make sure your emails don’t look like spam. If you can devise some engaging device or message or offer – something different in look or tone that makes you stand out – then you are halfway to getting somewhere.

3. Going Viral

Our ultimate aim here is to have your email campaigns go viral and be passed from person to person. What people are looking for in emails is value, whether it is in the form of information or actual savings. Groupon and LivingSocial are perfect examples of the power of this form of marketing. We help you formulate and execute an email marketing strategy that will start to take you places. The possibilities are almost limitless.

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi