How To Configure Emails On The Windows 8 Phone

Email for Windows Phone 8

The first thing that you are required to set up on a Window 8 Phone is the Windows Live ID. Here is the procedure to get up and running with a Windows Live ID.

    1. Go to Start and flick to the App list
    2. Tap the Settings icon and go to Email + Accounts
    3. Next, Tap Add an Account and Choose Windows Live
    4. You will see the Before you sign in screen, if you have not signed in for a Windows Live ID.
    5. On this screen, tap Next.
  1. Tap the Email address box and type you Windows Live ID.
  2. Next, Tap the Password box and type your Windows Live Password
  3. Finally, Tap Sign in.
  4. All the Windows Live email and contacts will be synced.
  5. To add any other accounts such as Google or Yahoo, go to Start>App list> Settings> Email + Accounts

To watch the ‘How-to’ video Click Here

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi